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Volleyball Knee Pads Review - D3O Sets the Nfinity

by:VUINO     2020-08-31
From Mizuno to Nike to Asics, all the top volleyball manufacturers produce their own lines of knee pads. With all the name brands on the market, it would take a very innovative and forward-thinking company to market and promote a pair that would stand out from the crowded marketplace.
Nfinity may just be that company.
Unlike any other knee pad available to players today the one marketed by Nfinity is made with d3O. That's because Nfinity has an exclusive agreement to use d3O technology.
What exactly is d3O? According to Richard Palmer, founder of the d3O lab, d3O is a soft material that has fantastic shock absorbing properties that basically work to absorb impact. Described as a rubbery fluid made with 'intelligent molecules' which the company specially engineers so that when a volleyball player moves, the molecules flow and move with them, but the molecules lock together to absorb and disperse energy upon hard impact. The d3O technology is based on 'providing protection' so the harder the impact, the faster the molecules react, giving a player the freedom to perform while still responding to one's needs for protection.
D3O looks like green play dough and the d3O lab has engineered many ways to integrate the material into a variety of products. D3O is now also being applied for use in hats, clothes, motorcycle suits, and elbow pads.
The D3O lab makes the claim that this technology can protect people from pain and injury. Anywhere a person or player needs freedom of movement, but also requires shock absorption is where the company believes they can apply d3O technology.
Historically when it came to participating in active sports, the materials used for impact protection were rigid or bulky. Not so, with d3O! At five (5) inches the Nfinity volleyball knee pad covers the smallest amount of skin area around the knee compared to others. It's also the slimmest one on the market at only 8mm of thickness.
Even with those dimensions, the Nfinity claims that their knee pad offers total patella, tibia and femur protection. And if that isn't enough to set it apart from the competition, check this--it comes with an 'Nfinipocket' which is where a volleyball player can insert (or remove) the Nfinity d3O pad inserts.
When integrated into the Nfinity volleyball knee pad the d3O material is breathable, comfortable and unlike most materials that only either absorb energy OR they return energy without absorbing shock well--the d3O technology purportedly does both.
Priced at around $50 you get a few accessories with your purchase. In the kit you get interchangeable black and white sleeves, so you can alternate days you use your sleeves which means to me, that you basically are getting two (2) pairs of knee pads instead of one. You get two Nfinity d3O pad inserts, obviously for both knees, but a mesh laundry bag is also included in your purchase.

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