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If you work within an industry where you’re on your feet for prolonged periods, you not only want protective gear that will protect you from various hazards be it drops, slips and electric-shocks but alsofootwear that is comfortable. So, let’s take a look at three critical forms of safety footwear!


The main purpose of this form of footwear is to reduce electricity flow when working within potentially dangerous environments.

What shoes do  Electrician need? 

Ideally composite safety shoes will ensure you have the ability to complete your job successfully yet safely. However, it may be beneficial to choose a shoe that has an insulated sole due to you being within an electrical environment. The composite safety shoes will not have metal included therefore ensuring there is no conductor for electricity to flow through. Preferably, an electrician should wear Electro Static Dissipative footwear in order to reduce the likelihood of an electric-shock.


Feet that withstand heavy impact can often cause problems for workers, particularly around the arches of the foot. You can prevent such problems by acquiring a pair of metatarsal safety shoes - protecting the bones in the feet and enabling you to work effectively.

What ensures safety for Engineer?  

A composite safety boot provides equivalent durability as steel toe-cap boots. Steel toe cap boots are less favourable than composite safety boots in terms of density and their ability to move around with ease. However, inserting a metatarsal gel support will aid the protection of your feet.

Construction industry workers you need metatarsal safety boots!

You face challenges on a day-to-day basis and therefore you require shoes that are suitable, and prevent accidents from occurring. A metatarsal safety shoe provides you with added comfort and protection for the delicate bones in your feet;


Are you a civil engineer who needs to visit different sites throughout the day?

You may require appropriate footwear and leg gaiters in order to ensure optimum safety. Notably, a pair of steel-cap boots is advisable - providing you with a range of capabilities such as protection from any falling heavy objects as well as a firm grip that prevents any slips or trips and a padded collar making the boots comfortable. Looking for something perhaps less bulky? Composite safety shoes are lightweight and are great if you work within an electrical or hazardous environment.

Understandably, if style is something you consider as a priority, then what you need to consider what will work best for you? Velcro, slip on, zip up or lace up?

Simply, Velcro shoes and slip on shoes are much easier and quicker to put on and off however if you require stability, you’re better off with lace up footwear or zips!

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