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Kneeling is an unnatural working position. Without protective knee pads,workers may suffer discomfort and immediate injuries from hard surfaces and small stones and similar objects lying on the surfaces. However no knee protector can ensure that workers will not suffer medical complications if they are required to kneel for long periods. It is important that knee protectors do not compromise venous drainage in the leg while kneeling or standing up. Therefore it is important that it is easy for workers to change position and to stand up to re-establish a normal blood circulation at frequent intervals while wearing knee protectors. Work in a kneeling position involves the risk of chronic diseases such as prepatellar bursitis and cartilage injuries caused by continuous pressure on the knees. Vuino knee pads is therefore recommended for all work in the kneeling position. The protection should distribute forces evenly and prevent small hard objects on the ground causing injuries. Many workers have pre-existing damage to their knees particularly to their cartilages from sports injuries and from previous work.

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