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Knee Pad for Volleyball Players

Knee Pad for Volleyball Players


1.What is A Volleyball Knee Pad?

Ever been on a volleyball court? Then you know the level of athleticism it takes to engage in the sport. Most of the game of volleyball is spent quickly dodging the ground. Ever seen a volleyball player throw themselves forward in a bid to keep the ball from hitting the ground? Then you’d have seen the kind of positions they end up in – with knees directly on the ground and backsides resting on their ankles. This position can cause the knees to strike the ground especially when carried out as quickly as they do it in other to save the ball from falling on the ground. Regardless of the surface, be it sand, outdoor court, grass, or hard gym floor, a strike like that will hurt the knees. If you were to ask an athlete, they’d tell you that the knees are always the first to go as a sportsman.

Sports knee pads aren’t restricted to volleyball alone; they can be used in other types of sports. In fact, any sport that requires jumping, extensive running, twisting, stopping, lunging or bending, requires some extra protection for your knees. This includes polo, tennis, skateboarding, dancing, rollerblading, baseball, basketball, calisthenics, and a host of other sports. In such sports, the amount of weight and movement the knees take is tremendous.

But what are they made of? Volleyball knee pads that is? All knee pads are made from cloth, so they’re comfortable against your skin. Usually, several factors are taken into account during production. You can find pads made of cloth – anything from polyester to neoprene, for that added level of comfort. This is because of the softness of cotton, as anyone who has ever worn it can testify.

It is gentle on the skin and is excellent when rubbing will happen consistently, as it is bound to do during exercise. A more advanced form of synthetic rubber is Neoprene. It is capable of maintaining its flexibility in almost any temperature. Neoprene is a perfect choice even if you’re heading to a hot beach or an ice rink.

All we’ve said so far is just for the outer part of the knee pad. The inner part that does the actual protection can be made from different things depending on the use you plan on putting it to. Some are made with gel while others are made from memory foam. The type used depends on several factors such as what activity you plan to engage in, the length of time you need them on, the intensity of the hits it’ll take, comfort, and of course where you need the most padding.

2.Importance of Knee Pads

The importance of knee pads cannot be overemphasized. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider getting vuino knee pads:

Injury Prevention

If you were to injure yourself today, you’d only be creating long lasting problems for tomorrow. The knees are an intricate part of the body. They involve a lot of functionality for the body. The knees are the center that holds your weight meaning that you can put them in harm’s way easily if you don’t give them the proper protection. If you were to ask any pro athlete who suffered from a knee injury, they’d tell you two things; a lot of therapy was required before they could get back on the field/court/gym. They always have to work to get back to the level of performance they put out prior to the injury.

Confidence in Performance

It’s impossible to perform at your best in a game if you’re constantly worried about injury. Imagine you’re a baseball player on a baseball field and the ball is coming right at you. The opposing team’s player is running towards second base, and you need to catch the ball for the out.

Because the ball is just out of your direct reach, you’ll need to slide forward and probably throw yourself to the ground on your knees to do that. If your knees are not properly protected, you may hesitate. This hesitation may cost your team the out. But if on the other hand, you were wearing the proper safety equipment, you’ll most likely not contemplate the move and would instead lunge forward without hesitating.


Longevity is of utmost importance for those athletes who have a deep love for their profession as well as workers who use their knees a lot. Custom knee pads not only save your knees from experiencing discomfort, they also ensure that your career lasts much longer.

As a professional gardener who has to be on his knees in flower beds for long hours of the day, especially after having to lunge around heavy bags of soil, the proper knee protection will make sure you keep that job much longer.

Whenever you’re contemplating a career, you should always consider your long term goals. If you want to stay as long as possible in your chosen career, then you need to take the correct measures that will ensure your longevity.

Higher Performance

The more confidence you create in your performance, the more you’ll notice that you’re attaining a higher level of proficiency which of course only leads to better things. Athletes who can meet such high-performance levels usually earn the most. The same can be said for the highest paid workers. The proper protective equipment does not only save your body, but it also sets you up for good thing on all fronts.

3. Why You Should Use Knee Pads

The reasons why people use knee pads are not that varied. Firstly, people use them to protect themselves from injuries. Like it was previously stated, knees take a lot of repeated damage and bruising in all types of sporting activities. Here are some situations where knee pads are necessary:

Volleyball – Consider the superb player who’s playing offense on your home team. The opposing team spikes the ball over the net. Both the rest of the home team and the fans know that this player will put in all her best and dive for that ball, and prevent the other team from gaining any points. She slides on the floor, crosses her wrist, and does what she’s best at; saving the ball from hitting the floor.

Skate Boarding – skateboarding moves always looks awesome, especially when perfected. But before it gets to that level, skateboarders stay on the board for hours on end trying to hone their skills. And it takes constant practice to achieve the level of perfection needed to pull off those awesome skateboarding moves.

Rollerblading – Rollerblading is another sport that requires the use of protective knee pads and wrist guards especially for those who plan to rollerblade on the streets at top speed. It only takes one hit on the hard cement for your knees to suffer irreversible damage.

Polo – Although it may not seem like it’s happening, the knees can actually take a beating in polo. Just think about how the teams operate while they’re on their steed. Sure it may appear like they’re sitting, but if you pay attention, you’ll notice that they’re sitting, crouching, standing, and all this happens atop the horse. Such constant movement can cause the knees to experience a lot of stress.

Tennis – Imagine playing in a heated game where you’ll have to run back and forth. Sure it’s likely that you’ll fall, but apart from that, it requires a lot of movement. Whenever a sport calls for a lot of movement while you’re on your fit, it’s an automatic knee injury waiting to happen.

Dancing – You may not consider dancing a strenuous activity, but it can be difficult. Just think about all the movements required in a salsa dance, cha cha or a pasa doble. That’s before you even consider the male dance who most times perform movements while holding the woman aloft in the air.

Calisthenics – Repeated calisthenics can cause a lot of stress to your knees. Picture a typical gym, with the dancers in the dance room. Most of the time they’re either stretching, leaping, jumping, doing jumping jacks, or using steps. Most of the time, they have classes that can last up to an hour usually several times a week. All of that is bound to put the knees in stressful positions for long periods of time.

Baseball – Even professional baseball players make use of knee pads. Take a close look at some of your favorite baseball players, and you’ll see they’re wearing baseball knee pads. Since they’re always rushing the field, there’s a high chance of a knee injury. One severe injury can put them out for an entire season or maybe even put an end to their career.

Basketball – another sport that is also intense on the knees is basketball. A lot of the skills in basketball such as slam dunks and layups, and even basic running, require healthy knees doing a lot of sharp movements.

Football – Just like with professional baseball players and basketballers, football players also take a lot of hits to their knees. They’re always running and jumping, and just like any other player, they require their knees to get it all done. Therefore, it is beneficial to them to protect their knees, and knee pads are just the way to go. You may be thinking that athletes are the only ones who make use of knee pads. Well, you’d be wrong. Here are some of the other uses.

Another reason people make use of knee pads is for added confidence (especially athletes). If anytime you hit the court floor in order to save the ball, you’re always thinking “Don’t hit too hard. You can’t afford to get hurt again!” you’ll more than likely hesitate each time. It’ll destroy your confidence and leave you timid – which is not the type of attitude you want to take to a game. The fact is that wearing proper equipment’s give athletes the confidence they need to know that they can go to a game and not worry about getting hurt.