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Are sports knee pads useful?

Are sports knee pads useful?


It is useful to wear protective knee pads when running. When running, the knees should be raised to the original thigh-to-waist position. If the step length is too long, it is easy to damage the ligaments. Wearing some protective measures, such as knee pads and wrist braces, will reduce the degree of wear of the knee and protect the knee.

In modern sports, the use of knee pads is very extensive. The knee is not only an extremely important part in sports, but also a relatively fragile and easily injured part, or a very painful and slow recovery part when injured.

The knee joint is where the upper and lower leg bones meet. There is a meniscus in the middle and a patella on the front. The patella is stretched by two muscles. It floats before the junction of the leg bones and slides very easily. In normal life, it is not subject to external force. It is affected, and there is no strenuous exercise, so the patella can move normally in a small range in the knee area.

Because mountaineering exerts too much pressure on the knee, coupled with the strenuous exercise in mountaineering, it is easy to cause the patella to be retracted away from the original position, thereby causing knee joint diseases. Wearing sports knee pads can fix the patella in a relatively stable position to ensure that it is not easily injured.

Running exercise is one of the most common physical exercise methods used by people. Everyone can master the speed, distance and route of running according to their own situation.

There are many benefits of running, such as losing weight and shaping, staying young, enhancing cardiopulmonary function and improving sleep quality. Of course, improper running also has certain disadvantages. Repetitive exercises can cause injuries, and the ankle or knee is often the first victim.

Nowadays, many people are keen to run on a treadmill, which can easily cause knee wear. "Running knee" refers to that during running, due to repeated contact between the feet and the ground, the knee joint not only has to bear the weight of the weight, but also cushion the impact from the ground. If not prepared enough, it is easy to cause sports injury to the knee.

There are also people who don't exercise much. On weekends, they start running on a whim, which can easily cause sports injuries, which is clinically called "weekend athletes' disease." When running, the knees should be raised to the original thigh to waist position. If the length of the step is too long, it is easy to damage the ligament.

Running also differs from person to person. Older people should choose some less confrontational and less intense exercises, such as walking, instead of running. Be sure to warm up before running and wear some protective gear.

Such as vuino knee pads, wrist guards, etc. Once you feel unwell during exercise, you should stop exercising immediately. When there is obvious injury, try to maintain a fixed posture, take measures such as cold compresses and other measures for emergency treatment, and seek medical treatment in time.