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Not only need to wear knee pads in winter, but also indispensable in summer

Not only need to wear knee pads in winter, but also indispensable in summer


The weather is getting colder and colder. You must bring knee pads when you go out in cold weather.For office workers, they must wear knee pad for work.

The severe cold weather in winter will cause great harm to our legs. Therefore, we need to buy and wear the knee pads on the market. At this time, the knee pads should generally be thicker or with furry knee pads. Full-hair knee pads, half-hair knee pads, sheepskin knee pads, dog skin knee pads, etc., knee pads here have better warmth.

Summer knee pads are indispensable

In summer, the weather is hot and hot. Many friends wear simple things and can't be simpler. People think that knee pads don't need to be used in such hot weather. In fact, this view is wrong. Summer knee pads are also indispensable.

 You must bring knee pads in summer, especially those who work in air-conditioned rooms for a long time. According to a survey, 13.3% of white-collar workers said that their office environment is too cold and the air-conditioning temperature is too low, especially when they enter the air-conditioned room from a hot outdoor sweating profusely, they suddenly feel like they have fallen into an ice cave. This instantaneous huge temperature difference is extremely harmful to the human body. Many people with uncomfortable joints have a dull pain in their knees when they enter the air-conditioned room. This is the reason.

In summer, choose best knee pads, there are exquisite, look at the following points of purchase knowledge.

1. Breathable and perspiration. This is the essential feature of summer knee pads. Only breathable perspiration can keep the joints dry. If the knee pads are covered with wet sweat, it will be painful and embarrassing.

2. Warmth preservation effect in air-conditioning environment. I believe that many people have the experience of being trembling under the air-conditioning. The vuino knee pads used in summer not only need to breathe and permeate, but also need to keep warm. The two seemingly contradictory characteristics must be unified.

3. Heat insulation. This is a very important feature. In summer, we will inevitably have to travel between the hot outdoors and the air-conditioned indoors. As mentioned earlier in the article, when we sweat from the hot outdoors and return to the air-conditioned indoors, our sweat will suddenly turn into an ice cellar. It is very easy to induce or worsen joint disease, and the insulated knee pad can cushion the temperature difference and protect the joint.

People who commute to and from get off work should be on the road and bring electric vehicles with windshields. Don't be too troublesome. When you drive, the wind on the road is also very harmful to our health.

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