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Knee problems are common across people of different backgrounds and gender. Though most common knee problems are associated with ageing. Genetics and some specific professions even add to the possible problems your knee joints may encounter. For example, craftsmen need always to protect their knees whenever they work.  

If you’ve ever had kneepads that weren’t the perfect fit for you, worry no more because workwear is here for you now. Having the most expensive kneepads don't fully justify that it's the best to use if the design isn't the right one for the kind of work you do and for your body. Have a look at our checklist to know the right things to consider when choosing the right kind of vuino knee pad.  

Checklist for Achieving the Perfect Fit for Your Kneepad 

Try the kneepads on before you purchase them. 

Determine the type of kneepad you find most suitable for your upcoming project. 

Hard-cap kneepads: they are the best for sliding around and swivelling. They are great for when trying to install carpets but not the best for a tile job. You should avoid hard-cap kneepads on other types of surfaces, excluding grass.  

Curved soft caps: this kind of kneecap has a rubber cap that provides a firm grip and allows for an oscillatory motion (side-to-side movement) which is a typical movement during a flooring job. When it comes to tasks that require you to kneel in a stable way, this isn't the best.  

Flat-cap kneepads: it is a flat designed type of kneecap and perfect for tasks that need stationary kneeling pad, especially for plumbing work like installing a water filter underneath a sink.  

Choose the protective gear with the straps that fit properly  

Get the right size of work trousers: this is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a kneepad. If the length of your trousers is too short or long, your kneepad pockets won’t align properly. 

 The cut of your trousers should be considered: apart from the size of your trousers, the cut should be considered as well. What you need is a pair of trousers with a twisted leg design, this will allow you to keep your kneepad pocket in the right position when kneeling. 

If you observed you had to pull your trouser leg to move your kneepad to the correct position, it indicates that the kneepad should be placed in a different way or the size of trousers you use for your work isn’t the right one. 

When you check out a new pair of trousers, you shouldn’t only try them on while standing. Ensure you go on your knees to confirm how well the pockets of your kneepads align. 

Ensure the kneepads you choose for your tasks are to a great extent the right design for the pair of trousers you wear for your tasks.   

Design: workwear has designed the best knee pads in a way that not only the knees will be protected, but the surrounding areas too.