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The Status of Personal Protective Equipment Market

The Status of Personal Protective Equipment Market


PPE is widely used in Construction industry. In order to support increased urbanization, stakeholders are increasing the construction of high-rise buildings. High-rise buildings are multi-story buildings that are 35-100 meters tall or have 12-39 floors. The number of high-rise buildings in APAC represents 76% of the total number of high-rise buildings in the world.

Competitive vendor landscape

Although the global PPE market is partially fragmented with the presence of several small-and-medium-sized players, the market is dominated by established manufacturers such as 3M, Honeywell, and Ansell. The market leaders prioritize product innovation by focusing on R&D facilities and investments. Although the vendors cater to the majority of the market, private labels are launching PPE at lower price points to use sales volumes to gain market share. Several new entrants in the global PPE market are limited to producing PPE that requires low technical knowledge and expertise.

Vendors are employing advanced material and processing technologies to offer high-performance products. Apart from performance and comfort-enhancing designs, vendors are focusing increasingly on developing products that are appealing to style-conscious users

PPE market vendors


Ansell manufactures and sells high-performance and high-quality protection solutions, designed for hand, foot, and body protection for different industries such as automotive, chemical, food, services, machinery and equipment, military, mining, and construction.


Honeywell provides eye and face protection equipment, hearing protection equipment, fall protection equipment, hand protection equipment, first-aid, head protection equipment, lockout-tagout, and professional footwear. Salisbury, a Honeywell brand, is the leading personal protective equipment manufacturer for electrical safety. Its solutions comply with ATSM International requirements and OSHA regulations. It offers a complete solution with insulating rubber gloves, line hose, blankets, voltage detectors, clamp sticks, distribution dead-end insulators, temporary grounding equipment, plastic cover-up, and dielectric boots.


3M offers a wide range of products that are used to enhance personal protection of people, facilities, and systems. Products offered by the segment include PPE, traffic safety, civil security solutions, and commercial solutions. 3M offers a strong line of PPE like reusable and disposable respirators, head and face protection equipment, protective eyewear, hearing protection equipment, and reflective materials used in footwear, clothing, and other accessories for enhancing visibility in low-light conditions.


NINGBO WEINUO PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT Co. LTD founded in 2006, one of the professional personal protective equipment manufacturer in China,main personal safety equipment products include vuino knee pads, back support belt ,body protector suit ,gaiters,tool bag Etc, We have earned several prestigious awards for excellence in manufacturing, innovative product design and quality. Based upon a strong dedication to top-quality products, advanced management methods, maintaining the state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and first-rate customer service, VUINO has become a recognized leader in the personal protective industry.

Both quality and new products developing are put at a premium in the factory ,We are continuously perfect and strengthen the quality control system to make our products conform to the advanced international standards. All knee pads are designed and manufactured according to CE standard .

We are fully committed to providing our clients with high-quality products, prompt delivery and professional services. Our experienced product managers and engineers are ready to supply you with a wide range of products models and package designs.


DuPont is a PPE manufacturer including body armor, cut protection, vehicle armor, flame-resistant clothing, and chemical protective garments and accessories. DuPont has several brands including, Kevlar brand, Nomex brand, ProShield garments, Tychem garments, Tyvek protective apparel, Thermo-man demonstration unit, Protera fabric, ProShield garments, and Nomex fabric for military, firefighters, and police.

Lindström Group

Lindström Group offers a wide range of PPE to reduce accidents in hazardous environments. Its high-quality PPE portfolio includes protective gear, respiration protection, head protection equipment, eye and face protection equipment, hearing protection equipment, protective clothing, head and arm protection equipment, and fall arrest systems.

Avon Rubber

Avon operates in two core markets: protection and defense and dairy. The company's protection systems have expertise in chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense for the US homeland security, military, and fire and industrial market. The respiratory products are directly sold to the military, and the primary customers are the US department of defense including army, marines, air force, navy, and coast guard. The company's offerings in the PPE market include respirators, gas masks, and spares and accessories.

Johnson Safety Products

JSP is an independent manufacturer of industrial head protection and above-the-neck PPE. The company has R&D team and testing bases in Oxford, UK. The product portfolio includes eye and face protection equipment, head protection equipment, hearing protection equipment, respiratory protection equipment, body PPE, fall protection equipment, and traffic equipment.

Alpha ProTech

Alpha ProTech has expertise in manufacturing high-quality protective clothing, infection control products, and a line of construction weatherization building products for the housing market. It sells its products under its brand name as well as private labels. Its protective apparel product category provides a complete range of head-to-toe protective clothing products such as shoe covers, bouffant caps, frocks and lab coats, coveralls, and gowns. The infection control product line offers face masks and eye shields.