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Volleyball Equipment

by:VUINO     2020-08-23
Volleyball Equipment starts off with the basic; a net, ball and some shoes. From there, the equipment can become more and more complex, but it really depends on how much you have to spend and how often you play volleyball in the first place. There are many objects which are used to train up a volleyball player, but are not necessarily needed as such. Having the ability to play on a court is the most important part of equipment, whether this is a spot on the beach where you can set a net up, or a court which has the right poles to be set up. Indoor Volleyball usually has steel poles which can be adjusted according to the height of the net that you are playing on. A net is attached between the two poles with sticks along the side that mark the outside of the net. If you touch the poles with yourself or the ball or the ball goes outside of the poles, then you will most likely lose the point.
Other than that, you can pretty much play volleyball. The only other items needed are worn by the player and may include Volleyball Shoes, Knee protection, Ankle Supports and normally shorts and a shirt. Each of these is designed to help with making the process of playing volleyball much easier. Like any equipment, Volleyball Equipment has had a lot of research put into it to ensure it is high quality. Volleyball Shoes are designed so that they are extremely light weight, and very grippy on wooden surfaces. As a result, they tend to wear out rapidly when used on harder surfaces such as concrete and asphalt. To minimize the weight of the shoes, they don't go above the ankles. This leaves a potential weak spot in the body, where you can injure yourself very easily.
To counter this, most professionals will wear ankle braces, which basically go over the heel and up over the ankle. These stop the ankle from rolling sideways, which in turn stops any potential damage. There is nothing worse than rolling an ankle in volleyball game, as it is painful and will most likely stop you from playing again for a while. Other Volleyball Equipment includes knee pads and shorts and shoes. Knee pads are very useful for most players who spend a lot of time diving and getting the ball. This is particularly more important for those who play defense in the sport, and as such you will often find the taller hitters not wearing knee pads. For those who play defense, diving onto the floor is a common occurrence, and having some protection on the knees minimizes the damage and pain that you can cause yourself. Wearing light, breathable equipment which is easy to move in makes playing Volleyball so much easier and more fun. It's vital to wear the right Volleyball equipment, mainly from a safety perspective.

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