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Value of a Beekeeper Hat

by:VUINO     2020-08-25
The neck, face and head are the most sensitive parts when it comes to bee stings. The beekeeper hat is the most essential amongst the beekeeping protective gear. When attacked by bees on the head part, it is difficult to take out compared to being stung in other body parts. The beekeeper will have a hard time removing the stings without the aid of mirror. The venom injected by the bees cannot be promptly taken out.
The face and the head are usually the primary attack of bees simply because the hair and eyes have darker colors. Bees' predators are usually dark and furry, and the bees would think that the beekeeper is a predator trying to steal honey from their hives. Apart from that, bees are attracted to the scent of breath that is why they attack the face immediately.
This beekeeper hat comes in variety of designs. Hat and hoods can either be made of fabric or plastic. There are hats which have veils integrated into it; some hats have detachable veil; and helmet design. In choosing the right kind of hat, choose the one that will give ease and safeguard as well as the visibility it offers the beekeeper.
The helmet type provides very small window which makes it hard for the beekeeper to do his stuff while wearing it. But when it comes to the safety it provides, it is assured that this hat will give better defense compared to other types. The hooded shield provides the best protection so far. A paranoid beekeeper may choose this type of head protective gear.
The integrated hat and veil kind of is made of double layered fabric to make sure that the head is protected. The veil and hat should be sturdy to keep the bees away from the face. Most hat with integrated veil usually have longer veil; this would allow good ventilation and makes it more visible for the beekeeper. This one is the most common choice among the beekeepers.
The hat with detachable veil is another choice for beekeepers. The disadvantage of this type of hat is the gap between the jacket and the veil. It can allow the bee to enter if the veil is not properly tacked. Also it can be blown by the wind and may post danger to the beekeepers.
The kind of material used for the beekeeper hat is also important. There are hats which are made of fabric; it gives better ventilation and comfort for the beekeeper. However hats made of fabric can worn out easily so it means you need to purchase more than one hat for your beekeeping. There are also hats made of plastic which is more durable. But the ventilation and comfort it brings is not the same as what you get with fabric made hat.

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