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Top Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories

by:VUINO     2020-09-03
So you've bought the motorcycle of your dreams and you're ready to start riding. If you've spent all the money on a motorbike that's up to your standards, then you should spend money on the essential motorbike gear that will make your riding experience more enjoyable and safer. Read on to discover what these essential accessories are and get ready to wear all the right gear every time you saddle up to ride.
Motorcycles don't come with seatbelts so there's no real protective gear that will withstand head injuries in the event of a crash. Therefore, your best bet is to always wear a helmet, which serves as the most vital motorcycle accessory. Shielding your head from the impact of concrete and the roadway, make sure this vital protective gear is approved by the Department of Transportation, and also guards your entire face. Full-face coverage is necessary because this means the helmet has passed test for more severe impacts.
Next, a proper motorcycle jacket is absolutely a must have to enhance your riding experience. God forbid you crash, but when you do, a t-shirt won't help you against the impact of raw asphalt. Wearing an abrasion resistant moto-jacket serves as some protection and acts as body armor. Particularly for common key strike zones such as your elbows and shoulders, you want to minimize first hand touch with the ground as much as possible. Don't buy jackets that are too rigid, which resists bodily movement and can be dangerous when maneuvering your bike.
Proper foot attire is also another essential motorcycle accessory. You wouldn't want bugs and road debris all splattered on your foot would you? High-revving engines from your motorbike will surely cause this and protecting your feet is something you should pay particular attention to. Regular shoes don't stand the test in safety reports and trial tests. Against real crash protection, you need a stiff toe box boot that upholds its shape and keeps your feet from shifting.
Arming yourself with the right motorcycle gloves greatly enhances your riding experience. For one, they improve your grip, comfort, and control when maneuvering your bike and making it easier to operate. When you're shopping for gloves, keep your eyes peeled for genuine leather construction and durable external seams. It also helps to select your gloves according to your jacket, since short gloves are supposed to slip under the cuff of a jacket while longer styled gloves will cover your jacket cuff, creating a bulk which may be uncomfortable to some people.
Along the same note, choosing the right pants when you're riding is another must have motorcycle accessory. Cotton will definitely not protect you from impact of the rough road so choose a pair of pants that are durable and provide additional padding for your hips and knees. On average, extra lining in the pants is sign of great construction.
Lastly, perhaps the most important and vital accessory you can provide for your bike is getting the right motorcycle insurance policy. Being covered provides you with peace in mind against liability and accidents that may arise. Also with the right motorcycle insurance quote, you may end up saving a lot of money in the long run. Happy riding and stay safe on the road!

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