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Tips on How to Find a Good Rolling Tool Bag

by:VUINO     2020-08-14
Carpenters, utility men, students, electrician or maintenance crew need a durable and reliable tool bag for their supplies and tools. There are several tool bags to choose from nowadays and most of the time people get confuse on how to get the best bag.
Rolling tool bags are great for people who are always on the go like students moving to dorm houses, contractors or carpenters moving from one site to another and electrician who wants to organize his bulky personal tools. Here are some of the things I feel you should inspect before buying a rolling tool bag.
1. Check the wheels
Most rolling bags sold online and local shops have fancy designs and look durable. However, the basic foundation for all of them is on the wheels. I feel that you're paying more for the wheels than the rest of the bag since if one of them breaks then you won't be able to move the bag comfortably.
See to it that the wheels of the bag are roller-blade style and large enough to accommodate pressure from heavy loading. It might be possible to check the maximum loading the bag can handle to have a good feel how many tools can you pack in it. For online shops, you can't check the wheels physically but you can read customer reviews for tips.
2. Check the handle
Next to the wheels, I think the handle is one of the most common problem areas for these bags. Check the material used in manufacturing the handle - aluminum, plastic components, steel etc. Some bags might be cheap because materials used in manufacturing it are cheap also. You might be ripping yourself off in nodding to that deal!
3. Check the Fabric
Nylon or strong polyester are some of the fabric commonly used in most rolling tool bags. You need to check if the bag you're eyeing at meet your quality standard. Pockets outside the tool bag are made of nylon nets while inside compartments are made of polyester and nylon. Some rolling bags use canvas fabric. This is also a good choice since canvas grade cottons are used in duffel bags, golf caddies and other bags fit for rough usage.
4. Check the Price
The price point will make you a happy or miserable buyer. It's a joke. However, I believe that you won't lose anything (but gain something) when you search for the best deal - quality and competitive price.
There are several good rolling tool bags in the market today. Search both online and your local hardware store for brochures and list.

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