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Tips on Choosing the Essential Motorcycle Protective Gear

by:VUINO     2020-09-06
If you have a motorcycle or you plan on getting one then you will require some very important equipment to ensure your safety. The protective gear required when riding a motorbike is the most important kit that you need. Riding a motorbike provides an amazing experience, it is one of the most exhilarating modes of transport. With this comes a price though as motorcycles are more dangerous than riding in a car, you are less protected. To minimise any risk of severe injury you need to choose the appropriate and best protective gear to wear whilst riding your motorcycle. There are so many different options of protective gear to choose from and so many different types. In this article we will list out the main items and provide some hints and tips to help you in making the correct decisions.
The motorcycle helmet is the most important protective gear required, it protects your skull from damage. There are lots of different types of helmet available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. The three main types of helmet available are the full face helmet, three quarter helmet and the flip helmet. The full face and flip helmet protect the whole face and offer more protection than the three quarter helmet which exposes the jaw. The flip helmets are normally a little pricier but have an advantage that you would not have to remove your helmet completely when talking to someone or grabbing a bite to eat or drink.
The most important thing when choosing a helmet is to ensure that the fit is right, the helmet must be snug and not move around easy.
Motorcycle Pants
Pants protect your legs from any damage during a fall or slide. Again the variety can be overwhelming and is dependent on personal needs. Leather pants are popular but may not be too comfortable for longer rides in hot weather. You can actually now get jeans with Kevlar woven in to the fibre which gives great protection and comfort for the casual rider. Again for maximum protection you can get pants with body armor and Kevlar included.
Motorcyle Gloves
The gloves protect your hands, the hands and fingers are what are impacted in any accident and they need sufficient protection. The other important use for gloves is to keep your hands warm. If you tried to ride without any gloves in cold winter conditions your hands would seize up and this will affect the handling of your bike. For these reasons it is important to choose the correct gloves.
Probably the best types of gloves are Kevlar gloves, these give the best protection and can be cheaper than leather gloves. You may also want to opt for some lighter gloves for use in hotter conditions. It is important that the grip on the gloves is also sufficient to allow you to control the bike.
Motorcycle Jackets
The type of jacket you choose is dependent on the type of rider you are. The jacket protects your upper torso and is an important garment for all riders. Sport bike riders can get some great coloured leather jackets to match their bikes. More classical riders could opt for a classic leather look. If opting for a leather jacket just ensure it fits nice and that the quality and thickness is sufficient to protect you if you fell off a motorbike.
Riding Boots
There are lots of different styles of motorcycle boots available. When choosing a boot ensure that you are comfortable wearing them for a long period of time and that you have sufficient mobility to walk comfortably in the boots. For something like motor cross you would opt for boots with a high finish. For something like a cruiser you could opt for a more classical high top boot.

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