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The Top 5 Injuries That Occur On The Job

by:VUINO     2020-08-08
Accidents do still happen. The top 5 injuries that occur on the job are listed below and in many cases they can be prevented by people taking more responsibility and not thinking that someone else will clear up, take action instead of them or wear suitable protection.
Slips, Trips and falls are still common workplace injuries and account for around 30% of accidents. Often the injured has slipped or fallen over an object that another person has left as an obstacle, either knowingly or not. That said concentration is often lacking by people walking along as they are on the phone, texting or talking. Whilst it may not be quite as simple to say take more care and look where you are going, it would go a long way to reducing accidents in this area.
Manual Handling is another significant area that causes injuries at work. Any action involving lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling can cause injuries and they usually build up over time but can occur when too much is lifted in one go. Whilst not the single main solution, breaking down loads into smaller weights and taking more time would reduce the number of accidents.
Musculoskeletal Disorders is the name given to any muscle related problems and mainly affect the back, arms and neck although does include arms, hands and wrists. By using computer equipment constantly, most people will have some form of dis-comfort in their wrists or fingers as using a keyboard and mouse is something the human body was not designed to use. Regular breaks from the equipment and knowing how to use equipment more ergonomically can help reduce the impact and severity of any issues.
Although not a direct injury, work-Related Skin Disorders still occur and are found in a variety of industries but notably in Floristry and Hair Dressing. Working with chemicals, even in diluted or low volumes, on a regular basis can cause skins problems. Whilst protection equipment is often available, in some cases it is not practical to wear it as it reduces dexterity of the user but given the alternative of skins problems later in life, it should be seen as a necessity rather than option.
Work-Related Asthma - In a number of cases exposure to dusts and fibres that can cause issues cannot be prevented although they can be significantly reduced by wearing protection equipment. As with skin disorders, people are not always keen to wear them as they do not look or feel particularly attractive or comfortable however they can save a lot of pain and suffering later in life.
Unfortunately some injures are un-avoidable but a large majority are still preventable if appropriate action was taken by individuals.

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