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The Importance of Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet

by:VUINO     2020-09-18
While not all states require the use of a helmet while riding a motorcycle, it remains the single most important piece of equipment we can wear to protect ourselves. Leather jackets, chaps and leather boots are also very important forms of protective gear, but today let's focus on the helmet. Some might say that a helmet is uncomfortable. Some might say it doesn't look cool. But, the bottom line is they save lives. When you get in your car, the first thing you do is put your seat belt on. You don't do this because you intend to use it. You do it in the event it is needed to prevent you from harm.
Your motorcycle helmet is no different. We don't put our helmet on with the intent to use it, but with the intent to have a protective barrier between our head and any danger we might encounter. This might come from a flying object or even contact with the ground in the unforeseen circumstance of an accident. The accident might be as simple as your feet sliding out from under you in the gravel. The flying object might come in the form of a bird. The reality is we really never know what we might encounter along our travels, so being prepared is always best.
The helmet is designed to absorb any force and create the barrier needed to protect your head from injury. The helmet won't serve as an instrument to eliminate all risk, but it will certainly reduce the amount of damage that might be caused to your head, face or your life in the event of an accident. Combined with the other basic protective gear we initially discussed, the helmet will offer additional protection.
In addition to the safety concerns, a helmet will add a level of comfort that many riders enjoy. Unlike the rider that claims the helmet is uncomfortable, I contend that there are many reasons that the helmet adds comfort. The use of a motorcycle helmet will greatly reduce the wind noise on your ears. If a face shield is added the helmet will protect you from the cold and rain, increasing your comfort as well. Not to mention it sends a message to others that you are a serious rider. Meaning, you have carefully considered the risk and you realize it is the proper approach regardless of the law.
The bottom line is this. We don't get in our car to drive to work or the store without buckling up. We do so because we realize there are things that happen out of our control, and by buckling our seat belt we greatly reduce the risk that we are exposed to. The motorcycle helmet is no different. We don't wear it because we intend to use it, we wear it because it is not only the responsible thing to do, but the best way to protect us from unforeseen dangers. So it doesn't matter if it is black or while, purple or pink, strap on a DOT approved helmet as you set out on your next adventure and you will realize that not only being protected adds a sense of security and piece of mind, but a new level of comfort as well.

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