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The Essential Beekeeper Hat

by:VUINO     2020-09-17
No matter how many years you have kept them, they WILL sting you! Bees, like many other insects and even animals are quite protective of their territories - and their honey. So you will most definitely need protective gear even if you are a seasoned beekeeper. A beekeeper hat is therefore one of the most important part of that gear. The moment you think of protection against the stings, the hat should be your first thought. A� A beekeeper hat is a specially designed hat that ensures you are kept safe of the fierce attacks from bees every time you are in contact with the hive. It is not uncommon to see some seasoned beekeepers just working around their hives with their everyday clothes or attire despite this great risk from such attacks. Don't try it! Honey bees are especially violent when it comes to intrusions into their territories, and what are the odds that you will be keeping any other kinds of bees? Getting a beekeeper hat is therefore a rational thing to do, so to speak. A� Your face that is, the eyes, nose, and the ears are the most sensitive parts of your body and the most likely attack zones for the bees. And make no mistake, bee stings can seriously injure you and even cause death! Just the thought of a huge swarm attacking you is enough to send the chills down your spine. Even one sting can be quite painful; my 11 year old lad will tell you that too well. This is not to suggest that other areas of your body are in the least susceptible. A sting is a sting. It's just as sore and painful when delivered anywhere on your body. A� Beekeeping hats are available in various types, thickness and designs so you will want to get one which you will be not only comfortable in, but also does not hinder your effectiveness whilst working around your colony. Plastic hats for instance are quite effective in terms of the clarity whilst looking through them but at the same time they can make you feel stuffed up in there because of the ventilation system. The best types are the ones attached together with a veil that is at least shoulder long. The mesh should be tight enough to not allow the bees to slip through the holes. The beekeeper hat as is with other protective clothing should be white in color. Bees don't consider the white color as a threat. However, just show up in a dark colored suit or protective clothing and you are in for a tempest like no other (bee-style). For some reason, they do not like the color white and will get distracted and not see you as an enemy - perhaps up until you start to grab the honey combs. A� Don't act all tough and showy and don a khaki short and short sleeve shirt while working with your bees. You probably have seen that in some cable channels on your box. Always stay on the safe side.

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