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The Differences Between Movie and UFC Fighting

by:VUINO     2020-10-04
Hello, today I am going to talk about the differences of movie fighting, and UFC fighting. UFC fighting is called MMA, and MMA is a fun sport that I do. MMA stands for mixed martial arts, and it has a ton of other sports in it. I do MMA, and it is the hardest sport in the world because you have no other teammates with you at the same time. I really like going to the MMA practices, and working hard. I think MMA teaches people hard work, and respect to other people. The best thing about MMA to me is that it is a combat sport. I have gotten a lot stronger, so that gives me a big advantage.
The movie fighting is a lot different from MMA. In movies they use a lot of karate, kung-fu, and taekwondo. Think of a fighting movie star like Jackie Chan. I don't think you could ever use some of those moves to win a fight because you just leaping around trying to hit somebody. While in MMA you keep your hands up, and punch when you want to,or take them down. I think MMA would be a good thing to know, but if you are in a street fight people will cheap shot, so don't stick to MMA in that case. If you are a UFC fighter you could find MMA very helpful because unlike street fights there a rules, and if you break one you could get disqualified. I think if it comes to one sport being better I think MMA wins because it has skill in it. I am not saying you have no skill in the other martial arts I just think MMA needs more skill. I hope you found this article very helpful.
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