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The Best Snap on Rolling Tool Bags

by:VUINO     2020-08-16
Snap On is a top name in the manufacture of tools. However, they are also a top name in tool storage. Snap On rolling tool bags are durable and can withstand the harshest of job site environments. If you are looking for a great product for your money, you may want to consider one of the following models.
18 Inch Snap On Rolling Tool Bag
This bag starts at $119.99 and is available at many home improvement stores and online retailers. It is built to last with 600 denier, water resistant polyester. It is easy to maneuver with oversized wheels and heavy duty telescoping handle. Tools are easy to reach with a wide mouth opening. They are kept secure in the bag by two dual zippers. There are two out security pockets to keep those items you need close at hand.
20 Inch Snap On Rolling Tool Bag
Similar to the 18 inch model, the 20 inch unit also has a wide mouth opening for easy access to all of your tools. It is constructed with the same 600 denier, water resistant fabric. It has an internal metal frame, allowing its wide mouth to stay open. The molded EVA bottom allows the unit to sit flat without toppling over. There are multiple D-rings for clipping the most needed tools to the outside of the bag. The D-rings can also hold the different accessory attachments that are sold separately. There are a total of 14 pockets to keep all of your parts organized. It also includes a cell phone and business card holder. Prices range depending on the retailer, but start at $125.
16 Inch Snap On Rolling Tool Bag
While this model is the smallest of all the Snap On rolling tool bags, it boasts the most features. The top is actually a seat that allows you to be comfortable when doing your job, rather than stooped over. It is made of the heavy duty, water resistant fabric you have come to expect from Snap On. It has a steel tube frame and reinforced bottom panel that can hold up to a total of 250 pounds. There are 26 different exterior and interior pockets to keep all your parts organized. It has some loop holders on the top to hold some tools and a business card holder to keep them within reach. There is high visibility reflective tape trim for those early morning or after sunset jobs. This unit starts at $59.99 depending on the retailer.
Snap On Rolling Tool Bag Customer Reviews
Overall, consumers give rave reviews to all Snap On rolling tool bags. Customers rave that it is 'very user friendly' and is 'built to last'. The side compartments are very useful and 'large enough to fit a clipboard'. It is reviewed to be much better than a typical fold up tool bag.
Snap On is definitely a tool bag for the serious professional or the weekend do it yourselfer. There are many different models available that can suit your needs. There are also many different accessories available that can allow you to customize your bag for your type of job.

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