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Protective Gear

by:VUINO     2020-08-30
Riding in a car, a person is surrounded by a steel shell. When riding out on the open road on a motorcycle the only protection a rider has is what they are wearing. There are some that choose to ride wearing shorts, sandals, and a short sleeve shirt. This is no protection at all. No one likes to think of the possibility of being in an accident, if one were to occur wearing this, the results would be terrible. True riders no they deserve to wear protective gear that will give them abrasion protection.
The minimum amount of riding gear is a riding jacket, long pants, leather full fingered gloves, leather boots, with at least ankle coverage, and a helmet. If a rider is involved in an accident wearing good gear, it can make the difference between a quick recovery and other options that no rider likes to think about.
A riding jacket made of leather is very abrasive resistant. Cowhide is the best leather, along with American buffalo for jackets. Other leather types like lamb, which is a beautiful leather, or goatskin, are not tough enough to withstand the abrasion of skidding across the asphalt. A cowhide or American buffalo leather jacket should be competition-weight, which is at least 1.3mm thick. Another thing to look for is drum dyed leather, which means the whole piece of hide is put into a big drum of dye, creating a beautiful piece of leather that has the color all of the way through. This means the jacket will stay looking nice, and get even better looking as the jacket is worn. Lesser quality leather will have the dye sprayed on, which means with wear it will start to peel and the lighter color underneath will start to show through making the jacket not look as good. Cordura is a very durable and abrasion resistant synthetic fabric. There are riding jackets made out of this fabric also.
Full fingered leather gloves are a very good idea. If a rider is thrown from their bike, or is in an accident the natural instinct for everyone is to put out the hands to catch their fall. There have been riders in accidents without gloves, the palms of their hands hitting and skidding across the asphalt made them loose a lot of blood. This can be prevented by having full coverage leather gloves on.
Leather boots with at least ankle coverage protect the ankles from getting burned on the exhaust pipes, and from stones and other debris. Also it is important that the boots have grippy souls. The feet are an important part of motorcycling; they are what hold up the motorcycle when you are at rest. Fashion boots and cowboy boots are great for ankle protection but they have slippery soles. There are work style fashion boots that come with rubber grippy souls that could be worn serving both purposes.
Riding a motorcycle out on the open road is a freeing experience, wearing protective gear including a leather motorcycle jacket is peace of mind.

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