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Personal Protective Equipment - What's Going Wrong?

by:VUINO     2020-08-02
If you had to take a guess, what would you consider was the single biggest problem as far as personal protective equipment at work was concerned? If you're an employer you might suggest the cost, although hopefully with tongue in cheek, but it is the case that in spite of the fact that we now have access to the widest range of PPE equipment ever available, there are still accidents at work which should have been prevented through the use of personal protective equipment. So what's going wrong?
It should be noted that on the whole PPE clothing and equipment does help prevent a huge number of accidents and helps save lives every day. No one would suggest abandoning the idea, but nonetheless it is true that every day accidents occur which really should have been prevented through the use of appropriate safety equipment or clothing. So what is the one big factor that's causing people to still have accidents and injuries at work?
Summing it up in one word, and by doing so massively oversimplifying the issue, the single biggest problem is communication. It's not the cost, the availability, the range, the options or the quality, and it's not the legal framework, the regulations or the designs which are at fault. Communication refers to several key elements which together help to ensure that good quality PPE equipment is used correctly and appropriately and achieves what it is designed for - preventing injuries and accidents and saving lives.
The first stage in the communication process is between the supplier and the business. Some PPE suppliers seem more interested in profit than in providing equipment to businesses in order to safeguard the welfare of the employees, contractors and visitors. When asked a question about the right equipment to use, suppliers can sometimes see themselves as devoid of any responsibility other than to their accountants, and will suggest those products which are easiest to shift or which carry the most profit margin. Suppliers need to listen to business owners, ask the right questions and provide the right advice. Many do, but not all, and this is the first communication issue.
The second communication issue is between the business and the employees, contractors or visitors. An employer today has a legal duty to provide the appropriate personal protective equipment, but just providing safety clothing or equipment is not enough. Businesses need to communicate to workers exactly how the equipment should be used or worn, how to check it to make sure it is fit for purpose, and what to consider in terms of suitability and compatibility.
Simply informing all employees that a certain type of face mask is to be worn may not be enough, because if the employee also has to wear a safety helmet or breathing gear, the face mask may not fit, and a different solution may be needed. Informing employees on best practice, how to make decisions and how to use the right equipment in the right way is essential.
It's also important that communication between the workers and the business is sound, because if safety equipment is found to be faulty, damaged, unsuitable for use or incompatible with another item of safety equipment there needs to be a clearly defined line of communication which results in the problem being addressed immediately.
In cases where there is positive and effective communication between suppliers, businesses and employees there is a clear increase in the overall safety record. In most cases in the UK where accidents or injuries at work are caused which should have been prevented through the use of suitable personal protective equipment it can nearly always be attributed to poor or inadequate communication.

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