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Personal Protective Equipment - What is Available?

by:VUINO     2020-07-28
In many sectors there are jobs that require employees to work in hazardous or dangerous conditions. Protecting employees is a major concern in these lines of work to minimise the effects of such an environment and keep them healthy. In catering environments you are obliged to ensure that the product is kept free of contamination. The most effective way of doing that is to provide the best possible personal protective equipment for the job. Knowing what is available will help you select the most suitable equipment and get the best price.
Dust Respirators
Many work environments have high levels of airborne particles that make the air unsafe to breath for an extended period of time. These particles could be dust, glass fibres, vapours or gases. To be sure that workers are protected from these kinds of hazard a dust respirator is the ideal solution. This simply is held over the mouth and nose by two elastic chords. To improve comfort while the mask is in use, some masks have valves to make exhaling easier and prevent the build up of hot air behind the mask.
Anti-Vibration Gloves
For workers who use vibrating machinery there is a real risk of repetitive strain injuries and arthritis if the effects of the machinery are not cushioned. Anti-vibration gloves absorb the maximum amount of the shock from vibrating machinery without impeding the movement or dexterity of the wearer.
Another area where personal protective equipment can help is eyewear. In working environments such as workshops or garages there is always a risk of contaminating or damaging eyes due to liquids which may be hot or toxic or shards of metal or wood which can cause long lasting or permanent damage in a split second. This is why equipping workers with suitable eye protection is essential. Generally plastic goggles, treated to prevent the build up of steam will provide adequate protection. Many designs wrap around the wearers face to protect the peripheries. This design is probably the most versatile as they are light weight and represent the highest level of protection.
Ear Protection
In work environments where the noise level is consistently being contributed to by machinery there is a significant chance that employees without ear protection will develop hearing difficulties. To avoid the risks, ensure your workers have access to earplugs or protective ear covers and make use of them on a regular basis.
While protecting employees in hazardous environments is important, employees can also introduce contaminants into products if they are not equipped with the correct equipment. This may be something as simple as a trilby, hair net, apron, gloves or over-sleeves but must be provided to ensure consistent results.
There are many other kinds of personal protective equipment such as leg, arm and back supports for heavy lifting, anti-laceration arm/hand covers and so on which also help ensure that employees are kept as safe as possible in the work environment.

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