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Long Term Motorcycle Safety

by:VUINO     2020-08-23
So you have a bike, you even went the extra mile and got insurance and a license. You wear a helmet. You're set right?...almost. If you've been riding for a while or are new to the road, these are definitely the basics of motorcycle safety. However, it only takes one accident to make almost none of it matter. Here are a few points to consider to help take your motorcycle safety measures to the next level:
-- Check the quality of your helmet. Not all helmets are created equal. If you picked up your helmet in the sporting goods section of a big box store you may not have a helmet that offers all the protection you need in the event of a serious accident. Check if your helmet is DOT or Snell certified to ensure you have the best quality protection for your head.
-- Look into protective gear. Motorcycle accessories have come a long way. While you can still rock the standard leather, there are shirts and jackets with additional padding and reinforced construction designed to minimize injury in the event of an accident. You can also find smaller pieces like shoulder and shin padding which fit into your existing wardrobe.
--Make sure our bike is in full working order. When was the last time you gave your bike a tune up? Checked all the gears, fluids, etc? Taking the time to double check these easy things can save you from having a stall or an accident while on the road.

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