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How to Take Care of Your Extreme Sports Helmets

by:VUINO     2020-10-02
A helmet is arguably the most important accessory you require during virtually every extreme sport. For instance, you need ski helmets to protect your head during skiing and a full face mountain bike helmet during mountain biking. Regardless of the extreme sport you choose, it's really crucial to take care of your important accessory all the time. What makes it really important is the protection it provides to your head. A damaged helmet may become the top reason for a bad performance and a serious injury resulting from an accident.
You should routinely inspect your helmets to ensure that they are not damaged. During your inspection, you should check for the following things:
• the outer shell to see if it is broken or cracked • Suspension systems to check if they are sufficiently adjustable • Faceshield to check if it is cracked or badly scratched • Inner padding to see if it is sufficiently padded and cleaned • Any other major damages to the helmet
When you are inspecting your helmet and find any of these you should either take your helmet to a good repair shop or buy a new helmet. You should consider a repair only if the damage is really minor, otherwise, it is usually better to go for a new helmet.
In order to ensure that your helmet remains in a usable condition during a regular usage, you can follow the steps listed below:
Cleaning of Your Helmet
Soil, dirt and debris are three worst enemies of your helmet. They are not only unhygienic for the rider, they also absorb heat. The increased levels of heat during a serious ride may compromise the level of protection your helmet should offer. This is why it's very important to keep your helmet clean. In order to clean your helmet, use a dry cloth and a cleaning solution that is recommended by the manufacturer. Refrain from using sharp edges, hard brushes, and harmful chemicals to clean your helmet as they may cause harm to your helmet.
Ensuring a Right Fit All the Time
A great fit of your helmet is a must for a great protection. Wearing an ill-fitting may be even riskier than wearing no helmet at all. This is why it is really crucial to keep checking regularly if your helmet still fits you properly. Every helmet loses its ideal fit if it has suffered a lot of wear and tear. Also, if the inner shell of a helmet has been compressed due to a shock or impact, it may result in a deformation of the shell. If this is the case, you should buy a new helmet or replace the inner pads if that is possible in case of your helmet.
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