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How to Do Youth MMA Submissions

by:VUINO     2020-09-29
Hello, today I am going to write about what I do, and some helpful submissions. I do a sport called MMA, and it is a little different from wrestling. MMA stands for mixed martial arts. In MMA you can get choked, and get in a joint locks. In MMA there are also different moves, and sweeps. I like how MMA you don't have to pin your opponent. In MMA you can submit, or win by how many points you have. I think that I like MMA a little bit better than wrestling.
A helpful grappling submission for me is the American arm bar. You can perform this submission from side control, or another name is cross body. When you get in to cross body position,you grab your opponent's wrist with your left hand. Then you put you right arm underneath his tricep. Then you slide his elbow to his body, and then lift the elbow off the ground until he taps out.
This is a grappling submission that I sometimes try to perform. It is called a Kimura. You can also perform it from the cross body position. It is just like the American arm bar. It is just reversed. You put you right hand on their wrist. Then put your left hand under his tricep. Then try to drive his shoulder up to his head. I think that my favorite submission out of those two is the American arm bar. MMA is my favorite sport in the whole world!
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