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How Spill Kits Could Save Your Business Tens Of

by:VUINO     2020-08-05
From small office based workplaces to large industrial complexes, spill kits are an essential safety feature to have, yet one which is not only often overlooked, but also one which is frequently misunderstood. Each year in the UK hundreds of accidents are reported which could have been prevented had the right spill kit been available, and been deployed and put to good use in the right way.
In each of these cases a single accident can cost many thousands of pounds, either in lost working hours, in reduced performance, in medical fees, and in legal fees or compensation. Both from the point of view of the business and those people working in it, having the right spill kits to hand is essential. After all, you wouldn't use a welding kit without the right safety gloves and eye protection, and you wouldn't use an industrial power saw without having the right safety equipment and clothing available.
The trouble is that in terms of risk and danger people look for the obvious, yet statistically it is the less obvious which causes more accidents. We all know that power saws, drills and hydraulic presses are dangerous, and we expect to use the right kind of PPE equipment and safety clothing, as well as treating the equipment with respect. We understand the dangers of welding, or electricity, or pneumatic machinery. These are the obvious risks and dangers. Often the equipment is plastered with warning signs and labels, is coloured red or black and yellow, and makes the danger very real and very apparent.
Yet in workplaces every day the type of accident which happens more frequently, and which costs more money in the long run, includes things such as slips and falls, and often spillages can be the cause of these. A spilled cup of coffee can cause real problems on shiny workplace floors, and seems innocuous and harmless enough. Yet all it takes is for one person to skid and slip on the spilled liquid and not only might they be unable to work for months, but you could well be looking at paying compensation running into many thousands of pounds.
When you add in the wages being paid for no work, the reduced output capacity and any legal fees or compensation, one single spilled cup of coffee could end up costing the business well over ten thousand pounds - perhaps more. When you consider that small spill kits only cost a few pounds, it seems sensible to buy as many as needed to make sure that they are scattered throughout the workplace at regular intervals, making it easy for anyone to deal with a spillage easily and quickly. This might include mopping the spillage up immediately, or in some cases putting down booms and socks to prevent the spillage from escaping any further and stop it from spreading.
Warning signs and bollards may be provided to draw attention to the fact that there is a spillage, and in cases where the workplace provides public access, this will be essential. In supermarkets for example freezers will sometimes fail, resulting in water leaking out. Supermarket floors are smooth and shiny, making for easier cleaning and for convenient trolley mobility, but this also means that not only will even the slightest leakage spread very quickly, but that it will also be extremely slippery.
A customer slipping and falling in a supermarket is not only a terrible thing to happen for the customer, but is almost certainly likely to cost the supermarket dearly both financially and in terms of their reputation. Spill kits don't cost a lot, and there are spill kits which can be topped up by buying refills. For the sake of a few pounds it's better than an insurance policy, as it will prevent both financial disasters, and personal ones.

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