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Hiking Gaiters - Benefits and More

by:VUINO     2020-08-09
Hiking gaiters are usually known as walking or boot gaiters. They are considered to be the best answer to staying dry anytime a hiker has to be out in the cold. These eliminate the possibility of snow, water or mud getting inside the boots. Furthermore, they keep the pants dry and help retain body heat from the knees down to the toes.
However, sometimes the main purpose is actually less relevant when compared to some of the less-known benefits. Below are some of them.
- A great use of hiking gaiters is at the completion of the hard day's walk. If they are not very dirty, they can serve as a great seat cover over a stony ground or a rock. Needless to say, a hiker should sit on the inside of the gaiter, which is a lot cleaner than the outside.
- Walking gaiters can serve as a doormat at the entrance to the tent.
- Boot gaiters can serve as a mat to keep equipment, spare clothes or food out of contact with the ground.
Attaching gaiters to the boot should be done with caution. Gaiters have to make a perfect connection onto boots. This can be done with a strap under the boot to hold it down as well as a clip on the front to perfectly fit onto the laces. With gaiter hugging the boot properly, gaiter, foot and the boot will feel like the one unit.
When getting hiking gaiters some of the important features to look for are:
- They have to attach firmly to boots, almost making it a part of the boot.
- Walking gaiters have to be manufactured out of good and durable material such as nylon or leather. They are the very first line of defense. Therefore, gaiters need to be tough since they are expected to cope a bit of abuse scraping against logs and razor-sharp rocks.
- Gaiters have to be made so that it simple to get out of the boot.
Last but not least, they have to be comfortable to wear. There should not be any rubbing spots. More importantly, the movement of the ankle and leg and as well as the hiking boot should not feel restricted.
A good pair of hiking nylon or leather gaiters, when used in combination with a solid pair of boots, is a huge benefit to hikers.

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