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Fire Fighting Equipment: Learn About the Revolutionary

by:VUINO     2020-09-18
Every item in the fire fighting equipment of a fire fighter is designed to assist him perform his role in the right way at the right time. A fire fighter has to be equipped with the right tools and equipment at all times to be ready when the occasion arises that needs his services.
Fire Fighting Equipment is categorized into many types. Among these are alarms, breathing apparatus, detectors, extinguishers, fire suppression systems, foam equipment, HazMat Decontamination, passive fire protection, personal protective equipment, fire pumps, rescue tools, thermal imaging cameras, firefighter training and fire vehicles.
In rescue operations, you need a self contained breathing apparatus and breathing air compressor to provide supply of air to fire victims. An apparatus has a high pressure tank, a regulator and a face or mouth mask connected to an inhalation device. Another important fire fighting equipment is a HazMat Decontamination equipment used to decontaminate victims of hazardous materials and toxic substances.
A very essential fire fighting equipment is the Personal Protective Equipment which refers to the uniform, helmets, masks, boots, other garments and miscellaneous tools and gadgets. When it comes to the fireman's protective clothing, you will be glad to know that it has continued to evolve since those historic times when firemen wore street clothes and wool/leather coats with their company's logos in battling fire outbreaks.
Studies show that lack of comfort is a factor to many sloppy performances due to heavy, sweaty, hot and uncomfortable clothing people wear making them vulnerable to errors that can be disastrous. Addressing this problem, manufacturers of protective clothing have developed revolutionary lines of garments which integrated fire retardant materials like Kaviar and Nomex. Some new fabrics are not only flame retardant, they are also perspiration and odor controlled. They are light, dry and comfortable to wear the whole day. The gear is now available in fabrics with base and next to skin layer of protective materials which won't burn, drip or melt when exposed to flames. The fabric reduces any risk of steam burns. In addition to that, the shirts, pants and coveralls made of the same type of fabric also provide extra dryness and comfort.
Some materials are moisture managed because of its wicking properties. The fabric dries very fast and regulates body temperature. Another significant feature is its antimicrobial properties prevent the growth of bacterial odors enabling wearers to stay fresh. What you will also appreciate is its comfort design feature which minimizes rubbing and skin abrasion because of its flat-lock and drop shoulder seams.
With flame resistant clothing designed to provide a wide range of layering options and multi-level protection, firefighters can enjoy emotional feelings of comfort, safety and peace of mind. In view of the advancements in technology, the new and revolutionary line of personal protective fire fighting equipment clothing is a most welcome development.

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