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Don't Forget Your Personal Protective Equipment

by:VUINO     2020-07-31
One of the very first things that parents, players, and coaches think about when a person starts playing football is their personal protective equipment. This is essential so that you can stay sure that they player stays safe while playing the game. It is all too common that players start to get comfortable in how they play and tend to neglect the small aspects of their protection. The fact is, it is indeed required by football rules for players to wear certain protective equipment, but some of the smaller things such as mouth guards are very hard to enforce while playing the game. There are only a couple referees on the field at the same time as the players and there are a total of 22 players on the field at a time and all of them are running around in different places so the enforcement of some of these rules is very tough. It's just simply hard to see everyone at all times.
This is one reason why it is essential to teach these players the discipline to remain safe the entire time they are playing. They need to know what can happen if they take a hard hit in the wrong place without their protective equipment. There have been many before them that have had a lot of dental work from simply not wearing their mouth guards as they should have been doing the entire time. Also, the groin protection is something that is hidden under the uniform, making it hard to enforce the rule of wearing one. Again, this should be stressed in great lengths about how important it is.
It can seem tedious and unnecessary at the time. I know that, I have been there, and I admit to not doing everything exactly by the book each time. I was lucky. Not everyone will be so lucky. You have to remember, it only takes one shot to have problems, and that goes for all of the protective equipment and the rules.
This is absolutely not to scare you in any way. The sport is fun and I am truly passionate about it. I loved playing in my days and I still enjoy participating in any way that I can nowadays, even if it is simply watching it on the television. But, the point still remains... those rules are set for a reason, and ultimately that is to protect the players of the game from being injured in any way. So, next time you just let that football mouth guard fall to the ground and not worry about it, think about it again.

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