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Different Protective Gears for Skating

by:VUINO     2020-09-04
The term 'extreme sports' is given to skating or skiing for a reason. Unless you have practice and experience, these items could be risky for you and cause harm due to sudden falls. This is why you require various types of protective gear when you practice skating on the road or on ice. For beginners, protective gears of various types are a must and even for experienced skaters these accessories are required and recommended, especially if you are trying on roads with heavy traffic or on mountainous areas.
Protective gear for skateboarding includes various items available in various sizes to suit skaters of any age. If you are planning to purchase skateboards or roller skates for your child it is always a good idea to get the protective gears alongside. This could ensure you that while you are allowing your child to have fun, you are also assuring that he or she is absolutely safe. And purchasing these gears are not enough. You should also insist on your child wearing them.
So what are the different protective gears available for skating? Here is a list for you to check:
Helmet is of course the most important part of protective gear for a skater as it covers and protects the head. As you are aware, absence of helmet while skating can lead to serious injuries to the head or brain that can leave lasting side effects. Wearing helmet is therefore extremely important. And if you have practised skate boarding you would know that it could make you fall down quite a few times, especially in the beginning. Wearing a strong helmet therefore can help you save yourself from wounds and bruises on the head.
Glasses or goggles
Protection for the eye is as important as protection for head. Suppose you fall down and some dirt or glass tint get inside your eyes, it can create problems even for your eye sight. Hence, if you are not wearing a face covering helmet, it is much better to wear strong glasses or goggles that will not break on falling.
Knee and elbow pads
A good quality pair of knee pads can help you in protecting your knees while skateboarding. The abrasions and fractures that might happen when you practice skateboarding, especially when you try out new techniques can be avoided by wearing knee pads. And those fractures that happen to your knees can create permanent damages to your bones. Knee pads can help you protect yourself from such injuries.
The protection that elbow pads give is the same as what knee pads provide to the knees, they protect the elbows from bruises and fractures. There are elbow pads that come foam padded at points of greater impact.
Wrists and ankle guards
The damage that a sudden fall can create for your ankles or wrists is the same as that can occur to your knees and elbows. In other words, the bones can be fractured and this might even affect the use of the hands or legs. Good quality wrist guards or ankle guards can protect you from such injuries and wounds and ensure you a safe skating experience.

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