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Dental Labs - Safety And Personal Protective Equipment

by:VUINO     2020-08-03
Safety is of great importance in dental labs. Every day, dental professionals come in contact with a variety of microorganisms that can cause life threatening disease such as tuberculosis, hepatitis B virus (HBV) and Acquired Immuno-deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).
Ensuring complete decontamination of dental equipment is not enough to provide your patients quality health care, prescribed by the new HTM regulations. To ensure them quality health care, you need to make sure that your employees are working under safer conditions. So, in addition to sterilising or autoclaving dental surgical and non-surgical devices, the employees at dental labs need to take extra care while coming in direct contact with patients or dental devices. This way you are not only eliminating the risk of professionals getting infected by microorganisms, but also making sure that your clinical environment is hygienic.
To help dental labs ensure their employees safety, several effective personal protective equipment are available in the market including gloves, masks, eye protection devices, face shields and protective clothing. Using these devices, employees can reduce the risk of getting exposed to infectious microorganisms.
Gloves are a great way to avoid direct contact with patients' body fluids or mucus membranes. It is advised to remove gloves after contact with each patient or equipment and re-glove before treating another patient. Disposable, single-use gloves must not be re-used. Utility gloves that are used for cleaning instruments and environmental surfaces can be re-used after decontamination. If you found any crack or puncture, it is better to discard them.
Masks, eye protection and face shields are another great way to protect one's face, eyes, oral mucosa and nasal mucosa from splatter, spray or droplets of infectious body fluids. Protective clothing like gowns, aprons can be also used to ensure the safety of employees at dental units.
Like physicians working in close contact with patients, technicians who work in the dental labs/units also come across hazardous materials every day. One threat to dental technician safety is silica dust used in building artificial teeth. Researches point out if inhaled for a prolonged period, high amounts of silica dust can cause lung cancer. They might also be exposed to blood. Prolonged loud noises from sandblasting and grinding involved in creating artificial teeth or other lab equipment can also affect the technicians' hearing. So, technicians are recommended to wear personal protection equipment like safety shoes, goggles and hearing protection to avoid getting infected.

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