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Business Networking - It's Just One Tool Among Many

by:VUINO     2020-08-16
Do you find yourself overdoing your networking activity? Are you always at one event or another? Do you feel like your job is becoming that of a full-time networker? No time to do any actual paying work for real clients?
It could be time to take stock of your networking and marketing strategy and get things back into some sort of perspective.
Networking is important to a modern business but you must remember that networking is just one marketing tool among many.
What do I mean by this?
Just as a carpenter, for example, has a variety of woodworking tools in his or her tool bag, you should have a variety of marketing tools in your marketing tool bag. Networking should be simply one tool among a variety of others in your overall marketing strategy.
Continuing with the carpentry tool analogy, different tools may seem to have more importance than others. It is true that each tool should have a specific use but be aware that some tools can perform multiple functions and some carpenters will prefer to use some tools in multiple ways. This can often be a combination of familiarity and laziness and does not always yield the best work.
I believe that networking is often used in this 'one tool serves a multitude of purposes' role at the exclusion of other tools. I believe that this is a mistake; especially for new businesses.
You need to develop a fully rounded marketing strategy that is correct for your business and networking should be just a part of that strategy. Seek impartial professional advice on this if necessary. Take note that even the networking businesses themselves have more tools in the bag than just networking.
So please remember that networking is just a marketing tool and it's not the only one. Don't overdo the networking to the exclusion of other valuable options.
I hope you enjoy and benefit from all your networking and other marketing activities.

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