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Black and Decker Rolling Toolbox Comparison

by:VUINO     2020-09-26
Black & Decker is a leader in tools, but did you also know that they are a leader in tool storage as well? They provide many options in rolling toolboxes, carts, and chests. If you are looking for a way to transport your materials to and from the job site, look no further than a Black & Decker rolling tool box.
Mastermate Black & Decker Rolling Toolbox
The Mastermate model is perfect to transport some of your larger tools. It starts at $75.99 and is available at many home improvement and online retailers. The unit is made of heavy duty, durable plastic. The lid has two separate compartments and a removable tray to keep your smaller parts and tools organized. The lid also serves as a work bench that can hold up to 110 pounds. There are built in latches that are ready for your padlock or keyed lock. The unit is easily mobile with heavy duty, double injected wheels and a telescoping handle that retracts fully when not in use.
Mastercart Black & Decker Rolling Toolbox
The Mastercart gives you even more customizable storage options. The unit is actually two separate pieces. The top is a removable toolbox and the bottom is more of a chest for your larger power tools and equipment. To protect your valuables on the job site, the cabinet has built in latches ready for a lock. The unit can move easily over even the toughest terrain due to its heavy duty, double injected wheels. The telescopic handle is large and cushioned for an easy grip. Prices vary by retailer but start around $64.99, which includes a limited manufacturer's warranty.
Junior Black & Decker Rolling Toolbox
Do you want to get your little one involved in a job? Similar to the Mastercart, the junior version has a removable toolbox and a tool chest on the bottom. It even comes with 12 realistic tools and accessories like screwdrivers, hammer, wrench, and various nuts and bolts. It looks just like the real thing and even rolls on heavy duty wheels. Prices start at $29.99 and is perfect for ages 3 and up.
Black & Decker Rolling Toolbox Accessories
If one of the toolboxes does not meet your specifications, you can customize by adding some accessories. Additional non-portable toolboxes are available in a variety of sizes. These can be attached to one of the models above using bungee cords attached to the fitments. There are also some rachet and driver sets that come in plastic storage containers that can easily be attached to the outside of the unit or in one of the lid compartments. Finally, if you need more organized storage inside of the unit, there are extra compartments, removable and non-removable trays that can be added.
Whatever your need, Black & Decker rolling toolboxes can help you. Small job or large, you can stay organized with all of the required tools closely at hand. This will ensure your jobs get done in the least amount of time as possible.
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