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Best Boxing Shoes for Boxer's Safety

by:VUINO     2020-10-06
Boxing shoes are an essential accessory for any boxer whether he is playing as a hobby or as a professional. These mostly resembles running shoes. The shoes are without any support on the bottom of the foot and the material used is lightweight to facilitate easy and rapid movement inside the boxing ring. Non-slip soles are provided to enable the boxer to have a firm grip and better floor control within the boxing ring.
These are available in different colors and sizes and designs. For instance, some shoes have low tops while others have high tops with laces up to the shin. The shoes are predominantly made of leather or suede and the sole of the shoe is usually made of rubber with grid or non-slip pattern to prevent the boxer from slipping while boxing match. Instead of treading, most boxer shoes have non-slip soles that enable boxers to get a grip on the floor of the ring.
Those interested in kick-boxing or martial arts will prefer high top boxing shoes. These shoes go up to the shins and are made wholly of leather to provide better comfort and proper ventilation. The low top shoes however have height up to the ankle and come with leather straps that offer support to the lateral arches of the feet. The shoes have laces and ankle straps made of Velcro for maximum security.
This is considered as one of the key boxing gears regardless how prompt and flexible the boxer is, he/ she will not be able to last long in a match if there is no feet control. Effective footwork helps you to maintain better balance, evade blows, and stay on your feet when getting hit.
They vary with shape, size, color, style, design, cost and quality. Here are few tips you should bear in mind when shopping for a pair of boxing shoes:
• First find out what kind of shoes you need whether high tops or low tops as each has its own advantages. • Make absolutely sure that the boxer shoes fit you perfectly as any non-fitting shoes can distract your attention and seriously hinder your performance. • Opt for a lightest pair of shoes as boxing shoes are generally made from tough but light weight material. • Select shoes that have superior rubber grip so that you do not slip while the match is in progress. • The boxer shoe must have good shock absorption and support straps.
Boxers who understand the need for reliable boxing gear and spend time to search for the best quality boxing accessories obviously have a passion for boxing. But this is not to say that boxers should pay any exorbitant price for boxing shoes. You can still get some high quality shoes at an affordable price if you shop properly.
There are lots of shops around that offer all kinds of boxing accessories and many of them also provide online buying facility. But you will have to be more careful and pay extra attention while purchasing boxer shoes online because there could be some fake websites. If you are looking for good quality boxing shoes, then it is prudent to buy a well known brand.
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