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Bats, Gloves, Sliding Shorts? Don't Forget That

by:VUINO     2020-08-21
The game of softball is an interesting game both to play and view. This game comes with various types of gears for the players. The basic gear includes bats, balls, gloves, helmets and the uniforms. The game of softball is played as the slow pitch and the fast pitch. It was initially known as the indoor baseball.
The most important gear of softball is a bat. The softball bat looks a bit like the broomstick and in the beginning it was made out of wood. Today, wooden bats are rare; they are mainly made out of aluminum, graphite and composite materials. The weight of the bats varies and it depends on the age of the player. However the bat has to be in accordance with the rules of the game.
The ball used in softball has is generally 12 inches in circumference and weighs about 7 0Z, whereas the ball used in a fast pitch softball has a 11 inch circumference and weighs around 6 oz. In any of the cases, the ball should have an inner core only made up of cork, rubber or kapok or it can have a combination of all three.
The next item is a glove. Gloves are made out of leather and the gloves used in softball are bigger than in baseball. The sewing is done from the thumb to the index finger in order to create a pocket which makes it easier for the fielder to field in a more secure manner. The styles and the patterns of the gloves vary according to the position of the player. The first basemen's gloves are rounded at the edges in order to have easier scooping. However, but catcher's mitts are more heavily padded in order to protect the hand.
The next gear is the protection gear. In fast pitch softball, batting helmets with two ear flaps are used, above all, catchers has to wear helmets, face masks and shin guards. In slow pitch softball there are different requirements and protection gear depends on the age level. Adults are not asked to wear safety gear where as youth are required to have protection.
Sliding shorts are also part of the protective gear of a player who slides towards a base. They are used to protect the thighs. So called 'sliders' are another part of sliding equipment. 'Sliders' are the shin guards which extend from the ankle all the way up to the knee and protect the player from injuries.
There are many manufacturers of softball gear these days. There are many types of gloves and helmets to choose from. Worth Sports Company offers quality sport equipment for softball fast pitch and slow pitch, at affordable prices. Worth Sports are official softball suppliers of the NCAA and NAIA softball championships. Worth also provide official helmets and bats for National Pro Fast pitch; and above all, Worth is official bats and balls for USSSA.

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