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Back Support Belts: The Easiest Relief And Prevention

by:VUINO     2020-08-13
How many times have you hurt you back trying to lift objects from the ground? If you have not experienced it yet, consider yourself among the lucky few. For most people though, lifting objects could be the cause of lasting back pain. If heavy lifting is done repeatedly, it can give too much strain in the back muscle and can cause permanent damage to it. If this happens, picking up a pen or something light from the floor would already be a daunting task that feels nearly impossible to do. Once you injure your back once, even picking up a small object from the floor like a piece of trash may re-aggravate your problem and cause you weeks of pain.
Back support belts, as the name implies, give ample support to the back of individuals who require frequent bending and stretching of their back muscles. It could be due to the nature of their work, a hobby, or even exercise. In fact you may have noticed, most bodybuilders working out in the gym use the best back support belt available to them when they do powerlifting movements such as extremely heavy bench presses and leg squats. Of course, not everybody is into lifting weights in the gym, but in most cases we mimic the biomechanics that are happening in the gym in our own personal activities.
Picking up a heavy box from the floor when done properly is not a big deal, but if you force yourself to lift it and execute poor posture (not bending your knees and rounding your back) in doing so, several boxes later and you will certainly feel the ache of a painful back. Depending on how severe you hurt your back, it usually takes days or even weeks before it feels completely healed and normal again. Those painfully annoying nights that you cannot seem to sleep because of the pain could prove costly for you job and your health in general. When you experience these just because you lifted weights for a while, imagine the possibilities of pain for people who lift heavy weights for work!
Most companies that deal with heavy loads are now requiring their workers to wear a back support belt as a safety precaution. There are even specially made back support belts for women in the workforce. These belts are designed to be contoured to fit snugly on a woman's body without sacrificing form for function. Another innovation is the magnetic blood support belt that claims to enhance blood circulation in the back muscles to increase healing.
It pays to be extra careful with your back. Whenever you try to lift some weights, think about the safety of your back. Bend your knees and use your legs to pull things from the ground when you lift heavy boxes instead of bending over with a rounded back and relying on your lower back to do most of the work. This is terrible for your spine and the musculature around it. Bending your knees will transfer the pressure from the load to your legs instead of the back. For long hours and multiple heavy lifts, invest in the best back support belt you can find. The money you spend now will just be a fraction of what you'll be losing if you injure yourself.

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