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You Can Make An Injury Claim For Accidents Caused

by:VUINO     2020-08-08
In every workplace, you will find some form of equipment which the employees are required to use. From desks and chairs to heavy machinery, it is the employer's duty of ensure that all the equipment being used is well-maintained and safe for the employees.
Every employer is obliged to take measures to protect the health and safety of their staff whilst they are at work. The employer's duty of care involves a range of responsibilities such as:
- Providing safe and well maintained equipment. - Carrying out regular inspections at the workplace to ensure that equipments being used are in good working order. - Providing training to employees to enable them to use the equipment properly, effectively and safely. - Highlighting the risks of using the various equipments. - If necessary, providing adequate personal protective equipment when using equipment at work. - Taking immediate action if any kind of problem is pointed out with a piece of equipment. - Halting use of or removing faulty equipment that could put workers at risk of accidents and injuries. - Notifying employees of the potential risks of using particular work equipments - Explaining the findings of risk assessments to the employees.
Work Accidents Caused By Faulty Equipment
Although there are strict rules and regulations in place to protect workers from risks of injuries and accidents at work, it is not possible for any employer to eliminate the risks completely. Employers have a legal duty to make the work environment safe for the workers. They must take steps to minimise risks of accidents and hazards. If an employer fails to abide by the laws, then that means that they are breaching the duty of care that they owe towards their employees.
The risk of work accidents and injuries are increased when employers fail to take reasonable steps to provide safe equipments to the workers. In most cases, injuries caused by faulty equipment gives rise to potential injury claims. Common types of work accidents and injuries caused as a result of using faulty equipment include:
- Crush injuries resulting from defective machinery - Injuries resulting from lack of personal protective equipment. Examples include burn injuries, injury to the eye, skin, etc. - Electrical shocks caused by unsafe equipment - Injuries resulting from lack of training or supervision on how to use the equipment safely and effectively.
When employees sustain injuries at work resulting from faulty equipment, they are often eligible to make faulty equipment injury claims. It is important for the injured party to seek legal advice as soon as possible following an injury caused by faulty equipment at work.

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