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Win Your Case With a Protective Gear Expert Witness

by:VUINO     2020-09-03
Safety at Work Should be Top Priority
At work, employees face different kinds of hazards that range from biological to human-related. That is why it is the duty of companies to make sure that the workplace is safe at all times. Sad to say, however, that sometimes, there are instances when safety is compromised leading to accidents, injuries, and damages.
Naturally, when someone is injured, he fights for a compensation that the law says he deserves. Depending on certain factors, the case can be settled off-court or through a painstaking trial. Either way, the plaintiff needs all the help that he can get. And one of the people who can be relied on is a protective gear expert witness.
Protective Gear Expert Witness: How Can He Help?
A protective gear specialist is an expert in all things related to safety and protective gears and equipment. So if your injury is caused by your employer's failure to provide you with the appropriate safety equipment (knowing the nature of your job), the testimony of a protective gear authority is a powerful tool that your lawyer can use to get your compensation.
During trial, the expert is expected to present his findings, recommendations, and expert opinion in a neatly bundled report. When he testifies, he is also obliged to clearly and fully explain why he came up with such an opinion. His testimony either makes or breaks the case.
Stephan Schmidheiny and His Asbestos Factories
In February of this year, Stephan Schmidheiny, a Swiss industrialist and his partner, was found guilty and responsible in the deaths of hundreds of workers in their asbestos manufacturing factories. According to reports, more than 3,000 people died as a result of exposure to this deadly mineral. Schmidheiny and his partner was well aware of the dangers of asbestos, but they did not take measures to protect their workers. In the end, they were ruled guilty and the court is ordering them to pay a hefty amount in punitive damages, plus a 16-year imprisonment.
Of course, before the court reached a decision, a handful of expert witnesses were called to the stand. These experts come from different areas of expertise, and one or a few of them are protective gear specialists. The duty of the expert is to provide the court with his findings that the workers were not given enough protection against asbestos, and that asbestos is indeed harmful to human beings.

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