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Will WEINUO become an OBM in future?
NINGBO WEINUO PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT Co. LTD. will strive for being an OBM. An OBM is responsible for everything, from the production and development, supply chain, delivery to the marketing. As an OBM, we will be a company based on service. Its focus will not only be on product quality, but also product solutions and services. Although a shift to OBM requires more knowhow and capital input into branding and marketing channels, it is an irreversible trend.

WEINUO does the endeavor to be dominant in the volleyball knee pads business. WEINUO provides a wide range of volleyball knee pads for customers. Each VUINO leg gaiters is tailored to your needs in accordance with environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. [selling point, special sentence. The tight compression means it will stay firmly in place when in use. Under the standard circumstance, 5.11 tactical knee pads ensures the feasibility of tactical knee pads. It meets PAHs requirements in line with REACH Regulation.

The current goal of VUINO is to improve customer satisfaction while maintaining product quality. Get price!
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