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Why Kids Should Do MMA

by:VUINO     2020-09-29
Hello, today I am going to write about why all kids should do MMA. I also do MMA Monday,Wednesday, and Friday. I do it from 4:00-6:00 P.M. MMA is the hardest sport in the world because you have no teammates. My favorite part is that it is a combat sport, and I like rough sports. MMA stands for mixed martial arts. I train at the academy in Orem, Utah. I am soon going to get into kickboxing, and I think I will really have fun. MMA is one of the best sports in the whole world!
One of the reasons that I think that kids should do MMA. It teaches kids how to listen, learn respect, and how to learn a very useful way of defense. I really like going to the MMA classes, and learning, so many new moves for the awesome sport. I think it teaches a lot of helpful skills, and discipline it is really cool.
Another reason that kids should learn about the sport. It teaches kids how to defend themselves against bullies, and other mean people. It helps you get really strong and fast. I think that nobody should be mean to anybody for no reason because that is just dumb.
The last reason that kids should learn it is it helps them become better at school because it makes you pay more attention teacher. The teacher might make you do push-ups if you goof off or something like that. I think those are some reasons that kids should do MMA.
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