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Why Heelys for Girls Became So Popular

by:VUINO     2020-09-11
If you have a daughter between the ages of 9 and 11, you have no doubt heard of Heelys for girls. Perhaps you have purchased a pair for your daughter or are considering giving them as a gift to her for a special occasion. As with anything new that comes out for boys and girls it is either a success or is it is not and the Heelys was an overnight success.
If you have not heard of the Heelys they basically look like a fashionable sneaker, but have a wheel in the heel portion of the shoe, making is possible to skate or what is known as 'heeling' on smooth surfaces. Many children begin showing up at school wearing the Heelys and they are banned from most schools because there is too great of a risk of running into a schoolmate or teacher while heeling. They are also banned in many other public places such as malls and stores.
The nice aspect to the Heelys for girls is the wheel comes out with a bit of a twist and then she can walk on them as any other sneaker. One of the concerns that many parents have concerning Heelys in general is that many children look at them just like a pair of sneakers and do not see them as skates and therefore bypass wearing protective gear such as a helmet, knee, and elbow pads. In addition, it is difficult to get across to your child that she must wear protective gear when none of her friends are wearing them.
As a parent, you want your child to be safe, and statistically, the Heelys are no more dangerous than a pair of skates, but often they are not seen as 'real' skates and therefore the protection that many children wear when skating is not looked at the same way as when heeling. Therefore, parents must stress to their child that just because they look like a shoe, does not mean they are a regular shoe and that they must wear protective gear when they are heeling.
Heelys continue to be a very popular shoe/skate for both girls and boys; so therefore, you can expect that your daughter will be asking for a pair of Heelys for girls because probably all of her friends have a pair. As long as you make it clear about the rules when heeling, they can be a great deal of fun for your child and because they are considered a functional shoe, they are actually made very well and last longer than a typical pair of sneakers.
Heelys for girls come in an array of styles and colors, so that regardless of what your daughter's tastes or style, there is bound to be a pair of Heelys especially for her. They can be a bit expensive especially if your child's foot is growing quickly and therefore she may outgrow them before she ever wears them out.

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