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Where is WEINUO factory located?
The factory of NINGBO WEINUO PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT Co. LTD. has an advantageous location at which the cost of gathering material and fabricating backpack tool bag with wheels can keep low. It is situated close to the raw material resource. Therefore, we are able to decrease the transportation cost which impacts hugely the cost of the manufacturing and surrender maximum profit to our customers. Local access to skilled and semi-skilled manpower add to the efficient running of our plant life.

VUINO is a brand well recognized in the world with a focus on the R&D and manufacture of tactical knee pads. WEINUO provides a wide range of tool bags wheels for customers. VUINO knee pads for gardening ladies is manufactured with high-grade components and other materials sourced from reliable vendors. It ensures optimal ergonomics gain for different body types. The best way to get the comfort and support to make the most of eight hours of sleep every day would be to try this mattress. It will not cause itching with soft and smooth fabrics.

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