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What Types of Personal Protective Equipment Are There?

by:VUINO     2020-07-30
Proper personal protective equipment is needed in a variety of different jobs. This is according to OSHA standards. There are many features that this equipment can use for anyone who has to work in a particular type of area that may feature some risks. Here is a look at a few of these factors.
Eyewear is important
Good eye protection should be used. This includes things that can work over eyeglasses. The eyewear will need to be fastened onto the head properly and create a seal to where the eyes will not be harmed by anything in an area.
Respiratory protection is critical
A good respiratory protection item can be used to help allow a person to breathe in a hazardous environment. This can work as an air purifier, canister or HEPA filter system that can go around one's face as needed. The options can vary according to the type of occupation or task that is involved.
Head protection is valuable
A good helmet should be used to help protect the head. This should be something among personal protective equipment that is durable and can resist shocks. This is especially important in areas that are known for having items fall down on a regular basis.
Others parts of the body are just as important
The rest of the body will need to be protected as well. This includes protective materials for the chest, hands, feet and legs. The protection should be used in many ways. For example, areas that have caustic materials should be areas that a person wears personal protective equipment in due to how these materials can harm the skin. Proper protection should be used to help with protecting the skin from temperature extremes and areas that might cause cuts and burns among other things. The right level of insulation will be critical for any of these processes when getting the best possible materials ready for the task at hand.

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