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What Do You Know About Construction Safety?

by:VUINO     2020-07-26
We all travel to work each day paying very little attention to the world around us many of us will walk on by a construction site without giving it a second thought, these workers are making the buildings that we work and live in yet we barely see what happens behind the scenes. The construction industry is at times dangerous and unpredictable, especially when care is not taken to ensure a workers safety. The construction trade has clearly set out guide lines & safety regulations to adhere to, It is when these rules are not applied that injury and fatality can occur.
Simple steps can be taken to prevent such situations a majority of the time this starts with the worker themselves, there are many things a worker can do to protect themselves from harm in the workplace such as wearing the correct personal protective equipment, safety footwear and of course basic common sense. On-site safety is paramount and employers are now more responsible than ever for the safety of there workforce and the way in which all safety matters are implemented.
The construction industry is a hotbed for serious injury or fatalities with thousands being effected each year aside from the obvious more common injuries many workers suffer from long term health problems brought on by construction materials such as asbestos, cement and other harmful chemicals. The fact is many workers do not take there safety at work seriously, a simple respiratory mask or face mask can prevent an array of complications in later life, some workers just do not wear the equipment or clothing correctly, safety equipment will only work if used in the appropriate manner.
The construction industry is notorious for hitting targets and cutting corners to meet deadlines on time, we live in a 100 mile an hour life in the 21st century and things need to be done quickly. Sometimes however this means safety regulations are often not followed correctly putting workers at risk. Workers must come together and establish a safe working environment for all that are within it, an organisation called Working Well Together aims at raising awareness on safety issues within he construction industry and offering advice and support to firms large and small.
Working Well Together hosts various events across the united kingdom where workers and employers can meet and discover how to improve construction safety on site as well as improve any outdated equipment including safety footwear and protective clothing. All safety equipment should be checked regularly and thoroughly simple steps save lives. Perhaps the most important part of construction safety is having the correct equipment for the environment. Safety footwear, gloves & hard hats should be worn at all times. All workers must adhere to on-site safety rules, one small mistake in such a hazardous environment can be disastrous, even fatal. If regular inspections are preformed by qualified safety officials then risks are dramatically reduced and safety enhanced.
Construction workers can take some responsibility for themselves by ensuring that their workwear clothing and equipment is up to date and up to the job, follow all on site safety regulations and listen to fellow workers, any concerns for safety should be aired immediately and nothing should be left to chance.

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