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What about sailing knee pads production experience of WEINUO?
NINGBO WEINUO PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT Co. LTD. has extensive expertise in the production and sales of knee pads . We have established a complete production management system that is designed to monitor each production step. Our production capacity is considerable enough to fulfill our orders.

VUINO offers higher quality knee pads in this industry which expects much. WEINUO provides a wide range of hiking gaiters for customers. The efforts of our team finally worked out to produce volleyball knee pads with sports knee pads. It will be carefully packaged with a dustproof polybag. We have got a reflection that the product will not wiggle after they close it, instead, it sticks firmly to the sealing strip. It can reduce the pain caused by continuous pressure on the knees while working or playing.

This brand is now a global renowned speaker for back support belt. Inquire!
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