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Some of the Most Popular Roller Derby Shorts

by:VUINO     2020-10-07
There are a lot of padded shorts to choose from. Some are designed to be used in a wide range of sports, while some work well with only one particular sport. Given below is a list of some of the most popular roller derby padded shorts available in the market. Obviously there are many more designs available and your choice may vary from what I have mentioned in the article, but I hope this can serve as a guide to help you find the best roller derby padded shorts that can meet your requirements -
McDavid HexPad Roller Derby Shorts
The McDavid HexPad Roller Derby impact shorts features a low profile design and is a great buy for someone looking for lightweight impact protection. The shorts are very lightweight, slim and offers complete mobility to the player. Many girls love them because they are so lightweight, slim and modest. Girls looking for extreme protection do not prefer these shorts.
Triple Eight RD Bumsavers Padded Shorts
These impact shorts are known for the intermediate level of protection they offer. The RD Bumsavers shorts offer padding which is thicket than the McDavids but not as thick as the padding in the Crash pads shorts. Within few days of its launch, the RD Bumsavers padded shorts have become extremely popular among roller derby players. If you want some serious protection but do not want to get into thick padding of Crash Pads, then the Triple Eight RD Bumsavers should be your choice.
Crash Pads 2700 Roller Derby Impact Shorts
These shorts are preferred by roller derby girls looking for the most advanced roller derby protection. They offer complete protection for your buttocks, thighs including excellent protection for the tailbone. These shorts were designed by an Olympic level gymnastics trainer and represent a perfect example of advanced protection with complete mobility. It is made using sweat-wicking fabric that keeps your body dry even beyond all those heavy padding.
Vigilante Women's Tech Padded Shorts
Although launched recently, the Vigilante Women's Tech Shorts have gain a lot of popularity because of its ergonomic designs. These shorts offer half inch foam padding through its entire length. The pads are designed to move along with your body without losing its shape or fit. The pads also include a custom designed plastic tailbone shield. They are extremely lightweight, low-profile and can also be used as snowboard and ski padded shorts.
Although you may or may not like to buy any of these shorts, but this will surely give you an idea about what kind of shorts you will prefer.
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