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Skateboarding Protective Gear

by:VUINO     2020-09-16
Skateboarding is a very popular sport in the United States, especially among young people. Yet each year, hundreds of injuries occur. There are many parts of the body that are vulnerable to injury when one is skateboarding. Most of these accidents could be prevented if people followed basic safety rules, one of the most important of which is wearing protective gear. Four skateboarding gear components, are discussed below in detail.
1) Knee pads - A fall on one's knee can result in inflammation and permanent damage to the patellas. Smith Scabs Elite knee pads have padding that surrounds the knees completely, top and bottom belts secured with Velcro, and leg wraps that are likewise affixed with Velcro and made of neoprene. Smith Scabs Horseshoe Knee Gaskets, which may be worn either independently or in combination with other such equipment, are meant to absorb impact.
2) Elbow pads - Injury to the elbows can have the same consequences as injury to the knees. The 187 Elbow Pads available at are double- stitched and equipped with a reinforcement of Cordura/Neoprene on either side, plus foam padding made of slow memory EVA. Lizard Skins Softcell Elbow Pads have a core of honeycomb textured EVA foam, providing the wearer with more ventilation; their padding is double- layered at the points of highest impact.
3) Wrist guards - The wrists too, although one might think otherwise, can be injured in skateboarding, and such injuries can be a major handicap, since it becomes difficult or impossible to do the things people are accustomed to use their hands for- including writing. Pro-Designed Wrist Guards are made entirely of cotton duck and a spoon designed to give a wider distribution of impact. The leather- padded Triple Eight Hired Hands Protective Gloves have a maximum level of shock absorption and have ABS splints at either end that can be removed.
4) Ankle guards - The ankles are especially susceptible to fracturing or bruising during a fall, and the Achilles tendon often gets pulled. POC Joint Ankle Guards can quickly be slipped on and have hard- shelled caps that guard both sides of the ankle joint, and pads to protect the Achilles tendon. The single ProTec IPS Ankle Brace allows the foot complete freedom of motion while safeguarding it.
In addition to the items described above, there are other kinds of skateboarding protective equipment, including shin guards, mouth guards, and padded shorts. And of course, one must always wear a helmet: The chances of surviving an accident are greatly increased. The right footwear is also crucial: Dress shoes or sandals are a major no-no. Such companies as DC Shoes and Vans sell shoes specially designed for skateboarding. Athletic cups are an option for male skateboarders.
Parents should take into account that their teenage children often act as though they could never get hurt. They believe themselves to be invincible. By the same token, they should be told NEVER to try and imitate the stunts they may have seen performed by their favorite professional skateboarders. If they do- or if they refuse to wear the safety gear thus far described- they should have their skateboards taken away from them. If they wish to become professional skateboarders and perform daredevil stunts, there are schools that provide the necessary training.

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