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Safety Vest - A Necessary Precautionary Measure

by:VUINO     2020-09-22
A safety vest is an article of personal protective equipment classed as high visibility clothing. These vests are typically seen in very bright colors such as neon green, yellow or orange. They usually have added retro reflective stripes for increased visibility. The purpose of this type of personal protective equipment (or PPE) is so that the wearer is easily seen to help avoid numerous types of accidents.
So many people could benefit from using a safety vest. Bicyclists who ride alongside the road, as opposed to on a designated cycling path, can benefit by wearing this garment both day and night. People who enjoy walking in areas where there may be a significant amount of traffic would do well to wear one also. As a vehicle is traveling down the road, the driver must pay attention to many different things. He must watch his speed, his position on the road, the movements of other drivers, the possibility of an animal darting into his path and most importantly, pedestrians. Whether on foot or on cycle, that pedestrian would be critically injured or even killed if hit by a car. Wearing high visibility clothing, such as that with reflective stripes, will help the pedestrian stand out. The human eye is drawn toward bright objects, so the driver is going to process your presence much quicker than if you were riding or walking in clothing that blends into your surroundings.
A construction worker is often seen wearing a safety vest. Why is this? If the worker is part of a road crew, the reasons are probably obvious. However, what if this particular person works constructing buildings far off the road, what would be the benefit? On a construction site, there is a lot going on. There are workers coming and going all day long with materials, power tools and heavy equipment. I think you can see where this is going. If a worker is operating a piece of heavy machinery and goes to swing that machine to the left, he will check the area first for other workers. If there is a worker wearing his safety vest, he is immediately visible. If that same worker were standing there in plain clothes, the chances are much higher that the machine operator would not notice him. There could be some serious damage done if a person were to be struck by construction equipment.
Hunters are another group that should use the safety vest. That statement is almost self-explanatory. If a person is in the woods, where visibility is already skewed by nature, and the person is waiting to see movement prior to firing his weapon, it would be nice to know exactly what he is firing at. A deer certainly will not be wearing a blazing orange jacket. Another hunter, however, will be. That is one of the firsts things you are taught in a course on keeping yourself safe while hunting. Be sure to follow that advice.
You know the old saying about it being all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Do yourself a favor, keep it fun. Wear your safety vest!

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