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Safety Signs and Protective Equipment in the Workplace

by:VUINO     2020-07-31
In this modern age of health and safety awareness a lot of people are sceptical about most health and safety rules. People see it as overkill, bureaucracy gone mad and a pointless creation of jobs. But, these signs if properly installed and observed will prevent countless accidents both at work and at home, and the proper implementation of personal protective equipment rules will minimise the risk of injury at work in a variety of environments.
Some areas of safety signage are absolutely indispensable. Take chemicals for example. It is hugely important that chemical storage is clearly marked with hazard signs and content details. If there is a chemical spill then the experts who will deal with the fallout will need to know exactly what they are dealing with in order to plan their recovery strategy. Accidents at work with chemicals need to be properly recorded and documented so that, in the first instance, the appropriate treatment is given to anyone affected by the accident.
Making people aware that there is a hazard forces them to be on their guard and effectively in control of their movements in relation to the hazard. Take a typical supermarket spillage, once the 'caution, wet floor' sign has been put in place people react to it and plot their way around the spillage. If the sign wasn't there in its bright yellow and red livery, then we would probably be focussed on the content of the shelves and walk right into the spillage.
Personal protective equipment is equally essential when working with hazardous materials or, indeed, working in an environment where the potential for accidents is high, such as a building site. Can you imagine the carnage that would ensue if building site workers were not forced to wear hard hats, or chose to wear trainers instead of steel toecap work boots? The number of casualty department visits would increase exponentially. The simplest little accidents, such as dropping a brick on your foot, would result in broken bones that would keep the injured party out of work for months.
Another part of the body that needs protection is our eyes. Eyes are delicate and can be severely damaged very easily. Using goggles when working with machinery which could throw a minute particle of metal in your direction is essential. I can't imagine what life would be like without my sight. It is the one faculty that I think I would miss the most were I to lose it.
All in all prevention of accidents in the workplace is worth the effort of implementing the often seemingly draconian rules imposed upon us by the health and safety executive. Health and safety is a modern day business overhead that cannot be ignored. In a lot of industries health and safety inspections are a regular occurrence, often unannounced. In some instances there are heavy fines imposed if the guidelines are not observed.
So the message is simple, get your signs up and get your kit on!! You know it makes sense

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