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Safety on Wheels

by:VUINO     2020-08-18
Enforcing these rules is easy for small children-for older kids and teens, the younger they learn about safety, the more likely they are to practice safe riding when you are not around.
o Instill a helmet rule as early as possible-every time your child rides any type of bicycle, he should wear a helmet. o Make sure helmets fit properly, and the bike is in good repair. o Designate an acceptable riding area-it could be around your block, on a specific bike path, or within your neighborhood. o Never allow small children to ride in an unfamiliar area alone, even if they have mastered riding a 'big kid' bike. There are still traffic and roadway hazards to be aware of.
o Make sure your child wears a helmet that fits, and that she wears it every time she rides. o Knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards should be worn to reduce or eliminate injuries from falls. o Motorized scooters can move swiftly, so designate a safe area, and make sure your child doesn't ride in front of parking areas or driveways. o Make sure that the scooter handle is the right height for the rider. If the handle is too short, and the rider may not be able to ride comfortably-if the handle is too long, then a sudden stop could cause injury to her face or teeth.
o Make sure your child knows how to skate-and how to stop if needed. o Make sure skates fit properly-skates that are too big or too small can cause falls and ankle damage o Make sure that the skates you choose offer ankle support to prevent sprains and strains. o Provide a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads for every rider. These are available in kid's sizes, and can prevent joint injuries from falls. o If possible, make a 'sidewalk only' rule-if not, try to find a bike path. Small, fast moving skaters may be hard to spot if they are in the street.
o Helmets and knee pads should be worn for safety o Most skateboard riders are older kids and teens, and you may have issues getting them to wear a helmet. At the very least, forbid extreme stunts and tricks, and lay out a designated area for skating. o Clearly layout what the consequences will be for extreme skating-and enforce the rules if needed. o Consider offering a skating area near your own home-the proximity to mom and dad may keep the stunt skating to a minimum!
Every 'wheeled' item on this list offers great fitness benefits and exercise potential for your kids. Allowing them to do fitness activities outdoors is one way to instill good habits for life-and insisting on safe and responsible use of riding toys is another.

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