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Kids Protective Gear - Some Essentials

by:VUINO     2020-08-22
Knee pads are used in many activities. Apart from the obvious like skateboarding and biking, volleyball players wear them, as do many basketball players. Volleyball players frequently are on their knees when it comes to digging a ball and playing defense. Kneepads provide padding to the knee while the plastic kneecap provides swivel and sliding action, taking friction off the patella. Kneepads generally have 2 straps. One strap is above the knee and the other is strapped below. Impact trauma from being on your knees for a long period of time, or constant banging can cause the knee to develop bursitis, or a broken patella. The medical treatment for bursitis is painful knee draining with a needle and syringe. Avoid if at all possible, get them kneepads!
Elbow pads are another important safety measure for kids at play on bikes or boarding. The pads can be purchased at any sports supply store or buy online.
Helmets are essential for biking and boarding, to help prevent any serious head injuries and brain injuries - which are of course even more serious injuries than broken bones or bruised skin. No matter how fast you are riding you should always have a helmet. If you're riding jumps and downhilling then you should really get a full face - something like the Giro Remedy or the Bell Drop. If you want one that can take multiple impacts, look into moto helmets like the Mace Aatmas and the TLD SE2.
Roller skaters rarely reach the high speeds of bicycle riders, and they have more control when skating than bike riders do. In fact, emergency room records have indicated that nearly 5 times as many kids end up in the emergency room from bicycle accidents than from skating accidents.
And it is not just kids safety gear you should consider, also educate your kids about wearing headphones or earbuds when active, as these will restrict your ability to hear traffic or react immediately to danger. If they must wear such items, do so when skating along a bike trail or skate trail where other skaters will know the same rules, and there isn't any traffic to worry about.
Wearing right type of protective equipment is very important for avoiding any kind of injury in sports and activities. Teach your kids why so they understand and obey!

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